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Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan – March 2016

Poisoning the water

nino tomando agua
Salvador Sandoval, MD  |  Issue: March 2016

  ‘One of the most damning things you can do to a population’ “If you were to put something in a population to keep them down for generations to come, it would be lead. “It’s a well-known, potent neurotoxin. There’s tons of evidence on what lead does to a child, and it is one of […]

Water Warriors from Flint Tell the Story Behind the Story

flint water crisis cartoon
Claire McClinton  |  Issue: March 2016

  FLINT, MI— After nearly two years, the fight for safe, affordable water by the long-suffering people of Flint, MI., has finally been brought to national and international attention. Coverage of the crisis by publications such as “TIME” magazine and “National Geographic” and more have shocked the nation. ‘It’s like we’re living in a third […]

Emergency Manager System: The Face of American Fascism

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: March 2016

Flint Michigan, once proud city of automotive production, and the-sit down strike, is suffering from lead poisoning, at the hands of state government. Flint’s Emergency Manager, appointed by the governor, switched its water supply from the Detroit system (lake water) to water from the polluted Flint River on April 25, 2014, to “save money.” The […]

Flint: Coming to a Corner Near You

Tonya Kirkland hands out water
Carlos Ginard  |  Issue: March 2016

  Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board (CMRJB) members in 13 states have responded in mass to the emergency in Flint, MI. Some locals have held bake sales, while others collect as many cases of water as possible. Solidarity is alive and well with our members, and the crisis in Flint has become a reason […]

There is a genesis to the Flint River poisoning

Members of United Workers Union
Maureen D. Taylor  |  Issue: March 2016

  The crisis flowing through the streets of Flint has galvanized the soul of the country. Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO) is very engaged as we look at and react to what has occurred, and we find ourselves in turmoil as to what is to be done.  Members of MWRO search for the deeper meaning […]

10 year old speaks out: “You Need Water to Survive”

W. Morales |  Issue: March 2016

“People are scared their water will be cut off. You need water to survive. You die without it. And if they cut your water off, they can take your kids away. Why is this happening? Because they want to get the poor people out and bring the rich people in. They will make a lot […]

Equally poisoned

flint water poisoning
Gloria M. Sandoval  |  Issue: March 2016

  “In interviews with Fusion-http://digiday.com/publishers/fusion-distributed-news-team/ (Casey Iolan, January 25, 2016) a half dozen undocumented people said that either they’ve been turned away from free water or are worried that they’ll be deported if they try to get help.  Some who don’t speak English only learned about the problems with the water in the last few […]

Rio Grande Valley: Let’s demand that our water be tested for lead and pesticides

Jose Torres |  Issue: March 2016

Rio Grande Valley — The issue of people being provided contaminated water is rampant for example here in the Rio Grande Valley (“ Valley of Tears”).  Our water is contaminated with lead, copper and pesticides. For years the fields have been sprayed with all kinds of chemicals with no regard to the issue of contamination […]

California’s poisoned water

Lalo Alcaraz cartoon for flint
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: March 2016

  Central Valley farmworkers struggle to drink, while megafarms consume rivers of clean water The people of Flint aren’t the only ones drinking bottled water because their water supply has been poisoned. That’s also happening in the largely Latino small towns that line California’s San Joaquin Valley, where they supply the labor force for a […]

We can stop the rise of a police state!

Minneapolis después del veredicto en el juicio de Derek Chauvin
Originally published from the Editors, People’s Tribune  |  Issue: June July 2021

The people have the power to demand that this country’s resources be used to construct a new society that cares for its people, instead of for repression.

Excerpt from “Water es Vida”

Iris De Anda |  Issue: March 2016

he who controls the water enslaves the world she who pollutes the water destroys herself he who puts a price on the water steals from his mother’s womb la madre misma will curse your fluoride fortune & fountains of filth because el agua no se vende the precious resource is free & when contained will […]