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Migrants speak out

Justice for George Floyd!

Zooming to the Border for Human Rights

Videos, panel reports and executive summary report of our findings.

Tribuno Del Pueblo February 2021 cover

February 2021

Volume 48, Number 1

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Cover Story

The fascist alliance vs. the battle for democracy

from the Editors  |  Issue: February 2021

We must not forget how the Trump era was used by the 1 percent to advance its agenda to expand fascist ideas and ensure control of America and its wealth.

Big Pharma and the pandemic

healthcare workers who died from Covid
from the Editors  |  Issue: February 2021

Already a highly lucrative endeavor before the pandemic, Big Pharma (the large pharmaceutical companies) has maneuvered itself to seize further advantages.

IMMIGRATION: The first 100 days of Biden’s administration

Friendship Park
By Pedro Ríos, Director of the AFSC’s U.S./Mexico Border Program  |  Issue: February 2021

Interfaith Immigration Coalition priority recommendations for “Welcoming and Supporting Migrants, Immigrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees.”

Oppose Washington SB 5172

Community 2 Communuty  |  Issue: February 2021

SB 5172 is an attempt by the agricultural industry to avoid paying retroactive overtime for farmworkers.

Georgia: Looking for the answer to a victory

Votantes de Georgia
Magdaleno Rose-Ávila  |  Issue: February 2021

For years, their voices were silenced by racism, voter and economic oppression. But this community of color and good progressives, would not lose hope.

The battle against the coronavirus

Vincent Rangel |  Issue: February 2021

The battle against the coronavirus is not going to be an easy battle to fight. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice.



Tribuno del Pueblo Fundraiser

Attacks against migrants in transit, on the border, and in the interior of the United States are increasingly voracious. But the pro-migrant / immigrant movement is also gaining strength.

The Tribuno has been there, in demonstrations, marches and protests to spread the word of this pro-migrant / immigrant movement.

Be part of this movement. Join the cause of: No human being is illegal.

Please make a donation. $5 a month, $10 a month, or what you can for 12 months.

Your donation will help spread the voices of the pro immigrant/migrant movement far and wide to keep pressuring our politicians to adhere to the demands of the people.

To send your donation via PayPal, please visit our Donations Page.

Or send your check / money order by mail to
Tribuno del Pueblo, P.O. Box 577250, Chicago, IL 60657-7331