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Migrants speak out

Zooming to the Border for Human Rights

Videos, panel reports and executive summary report of our findings.

June July 2021

Volume 48, Number 3

Cover Story

Kamala Harris tells migrants, “Do not come”

Campamento en la frontera de Estados Unidos con México
Pedro Ríos  |  Issue: June July 2021

One wonders what difference there is between Biden’s policies on immigration and Trump’s extremely restrictive, racist and punitive policies.

Voter suppression and Latinos

Celebración por la derrota de Trump en Detroit, Michigan
From the Editors  |  Issue: June July 2021

Although more people than ever before voted in the recent presidential elections, the struggle for democracy and fairness is far from over.

Central America: Climate Change Refugees

Madre migrante con sus hijos en Tijuana
Luz Melissa Cortes  |  Issue: June July 2021

Global warming is affecting human life worldwide. Climate change has affected migration and created climate refugees.

E-Verify attacks all workers

Antonio Margarito Diaz |  Issue: June July 2021

Native-born persons and immigrants will suffer racism, humiliation, and job discrimination as a direct result of E-Verify.

We can stop the rise of a police state!

Minneapolis después del veredicto en el juicio de Derek Chauvin
Originally published from the Editors, People’s Tribune  |  Issue: June July 2021

The people have the power to demand that this country’s resources be used to construct a new society that cares for its people, instead of for repression.

In praise of long lines

líneas de desempleo en Detroit en la década de 1970
Elena Herrada  |  Issue: June July 2021

Revolution and redemption can be fomented in the long lines of the state. It’s a sweet life in Detroitistan if you know where to look.

Children’s Day

sign that reads Justice for Adam Toledo
From the editors  |  Issue: June July 2021

June 13 is Children’s Day in the United States. This day is about recognizing the importance of children in society and promoting their wellbeing.

Remembering Albert “Beto” Medrano Rojas

Al Rojas
Maria Estrada  |  Issue: June July 2021

Al was a lifelong activist and international community leader who fought for labor rights, the poor, indigenous rights and the plight of migrants.

Migrant children in Fort Bliss

Niños migrantes detenidos por la patrulla fronteriza
Joshua Rubin with Witness at the Border Facebook Post  |  Issue: June July 2021

We are hiding children in the desert again. In tents, on the grounds of a fort that once established dominance over the local indigenous peoples.

Make Juneteenth your Liberation Day

Cartel del Día de Liberación
Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila  |  Issue: June July 2021

Juneteenth, also called Emancipation Day, or Juneteenth Independence Day, is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

The Death Walk

Obra de Vincent Rangel
Vincent Rangel  |  Issue: June July 2021

We should understand, most migrant families come for a better life and a better way of raising their kids.



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Attacks against migrants in transit, on the border, and in the interior of the United States are increasingly voracious. But the pro-migrant / immigrant movement is also gaining strength.

The Tribuno has been there, in demonstrations, marches and protests to spread the word of this pro-migrant / immigrant movement.

Be part of this movement. Join the cause of: No human being is illegal.

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