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Police State / Fascism

We can stop the rise of a police state!

Originally published from the Editors, People’s Tribune |  Issue: June July 2021

The people have the power to demand that this country’s resources be used to construct a new society that cares for its people, instead of for repression.

The fascist alliance vs. the battle for democracy

from the Editors |  Issue: February 2021

We must not forget how the Trump era was used by the 1 percent to advance its agenda to expand fascist ideas and ensure control of America and its wealth.

Sixth Anniversary of Mike Brown’s death

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: October 2020

Mike, we have not forgotten you. In your memory we keep up the fight for justice and against racism because Black Lives do Matter.

Rebellion spreads! New awakening!

Nacho González, El Jaranero |  Issue: July 2020

We are beginning to realize that we can’t depend on our failing political system to fix our problems. We are going to have to do it ourselves.

Mass hunger strike NWDC

Maru Mora Villalpando |  Issue: May | June 2020

Detained people begin mass hunger strike to highlight their plight. 80+ people refuse all food amidst coronavirus exposure fears.

Why the exodus from Central America?

From the Editors |  Issue: February | March 2019

The United States has played and still plays an active role in creating the conditions that force people to leave.

The whole system is guilty

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: February | March 2019

ICE detention centers are present-day concentration camps. Corporations profit from human suffering.

Resistance is non-stop at Tacoma detention center

Marú Mora Villalpando |  Issue: November | December 2018

At the Northwest Detention Center, detainees continue organizing and resisting, despite threats and retaliation every time they start a hunger strike.

Rise of the grassroots

from the Editors |  Issue: September | October 2018

Fascism and the breakup of the old political party systems in the United States and Mexico resulting from pitting workers against high-tech robotics.

Fascism or Democracy

from the Editors |  Issue: September | October 2018

Today, fascism is rearing its ugly head once again. This time however, serving the interests of corporations and elected officials.

Rev. Edward Pinkney wins again

Rev. Edward Pinkney |  Issue: June | July 2018

  BENTON HARBOR, MI — Let the truth be told. I, Rev. Edward Pinkney was charged in Berrien County, Michigan with five felony counts of election forgery under Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 937, and six misdemeanor counts of making a false statement in a certificate of recall of a recall petition under MCL 168.957 for […]

The moral side of the American workers

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2018

We have all seen the social face of fascism breaking into churches and schools and roaming through streets and rural roads in America. Fascism. To the immigrant population, fascism has the face of the ICE and border patrol agents. The ruling class is using its billionaire propaganda machine to foment a fascist culture that blames […]

Victory! Laura Monterrosa released

from the Editors |  Issue: April | May 2018

  As we go to press Laura Monterrosa was released from detention March 16.  Her release is the result of a months long campaign that drew support from around the country. AUSTIN —I was at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center on Saturday to support Laura Monterrosa.  She is a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from El Salvador, […]

No democracy in Texas

Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

“In March, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas’ Senate Bill 4, the unjust “Sanctuary Cities Law.” The law forces elected officials, from the governor to justices of the peace, to turn immigrants over to immigration agents. Public officials (many of whom have refused to comply with the law and provide sanctuary to […]

In memory of a comrade, a veteran fighter for a better world: Juan Torres

José Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

  A veteran comrade, Juan Torres, passed away in January 2018. He was born and raised in the Rio Grande “Valley of Tears.” Juan labored in the fields during his youth as an adult In the Valley and in the summers migrated north. After graduating from high school, Juan joined the Marines and achieved the […]

Texas: As we battle forward unity will be our only weapon

Jose Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: February | March 2018

Unity is our only weapon as we battle forward for clean and safe water, and the means to feed and clothe our families. Unity is also our only weapon to fight for our democratic rights —all of which are at peril with SB-4. Texas unemployment is the lowest in decades and one of the lowest […]

Toward the Chicago Poor People’s Conference in 2018

From the editors |  Issue: February | March 2018

Basing ourselves in the long history for justice and on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, we announce our plan to build citywide organizations in Chicago around the following five-point basic agenda. These five points are not meant to fully represent all our areas of concern, but they serve as a unifying beginning […]

We need the Poor People’s Conference to unify across Chicago

Andy Willis |  Issue: February | March 2018

  I spoke with Carlos Castro from the Chicago neighborhood of Humboldt Park about the upcoming Chicago Poor Peoples Conference. Carlos is a longtime community organizer and activist. I asked him why we needed such a conference. Carlos Castro: With all the abuse from the police department in the city, lack of housing, with the […]

What is on the people’s agenda?

Arielle Maldonado |  Issue: November | December 2017

   (This is an excerpt from a blog post by Arielle Maldonado, leader and founder of the Healing Corner in the Humboldt Park and West Side neighborhoods of Chicago) As a community, we need to focus our energy on the legislative damage being perpetrated against us stemming from the whims of politicians and their governmental […]

A country living in fear

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: November | December 2017

  SAN FRANCISCO – On September 18, the House Minority Leader, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, was not allowed to speak at a news conference when protesting DREAMers drowned her out with demands to protect all 11 million undocumented immigrants, not just the 800,000 DREAMers under DACA. The DREAMers were concerned about a deal that was struck […]