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Issues – Youth Speak Out

Lisbeth Mateo: A Dreamer is sworn in as an attorney

Maríaelena Martínez |  Issue: September | October 2017

  Lisbeth Mateo a dreamer was recently sworn in as an attorney buy California State Senate President, Kevin de Leon. Lisbeth is one of a handful of undocumented attorneys. As a young student at Santa Monica College in 2002 she remembers walking around campus thinking she must be the only one without papers. The CA […]

When will a humane decision be made?

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: September | October 2017

Immigrants are not footballs!     On July 20, two U.S. senators, a Republican and a Democrat, introduced the DREAM Act of 2017 which would create a pathway to citizenship for thousands of immigrants brought to the United States as young children. There have been many bipartisan attempts at passing the DREAM Act. Not to […]

We Need to Sharpen Our Analysis

Gonzalo, G1 of Rebel Diaz |  Issue: September | October 2016

CHICAGO, IL — The state killed Malcolm X when his OAAU group began building beyond the black community… Martin was killed after he started talking anti-capitalism building with the white anti-war movement and the Chicano farmworkers struggle…Chairman Fred Hampton was assassinated as his Rainbow Coalition was beginning to make multiracial solidarity in Chicago a reality… […]

“The status quo doesn’t work”

People’s Tribune / Tribuno del Pueblo |  Issue: September | October 2016

The Peoples Tribune interviewed Eddie Cisneros, President of Students for Bernie at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. Eddie was elected to be a Sanders delegate and attended the Democratic National Convention in July. Peoples Tribune: Why did you start Students for Bernie? Eddie Cisneros: The first time I heard Bernie speak, I said to […]

Smell of Sewage Radiates Out to Texas Communities

Andrea |  Issue: July | August 2016

  ALAMO, TX — Hi, my name is Andrea. I’m 16 years old and I live in a community called South Tower Estates. In this community, we have a serious problem. This problem is a bad smell. I never really knew where it came from or what caused it until this past summer. Through our […]

Case of Nico Gaete: How Social Media Policing is Criminalizing and Framing Our Youth

Rodrigo Starz of Rebel Diaz |  Issue: July | August 2016

  CHICAGO, IL — On the weekend of June 10, Nico, the son of my cousin, Carolina Gaete, was kidnapped by Chicago Police and is being held on $750,000 bond on trumped up and false charges. He’s charged with shooting another young man three times over some weed. I’ve known Nico his whole life, and […]

The Birth of an Activist

Eban Morales |  Issue: February | March 2016

  HIGHLAND PARK, MI — It is not a choice made, this birth.  It is the direct result of the implantation of injustices, fertilized by greed and unconcern, that impregnates certain individuals in life when injustices fall on their door step, and a realization that existence and humanity as a whole are under attack, and […]

The Revival in Philly (US Social Forum)

Alex Suarez |  Issue: August | September 2015

  TAMPA, FL —Meeting with Immortal Technique, and Rebel Diaz, may have been the highlight of a trip I took from Florida to Philadelphia to be at this summer’s US Social Forum;  after however my encounter with them was brief. When you meet them, you see they are activists just like you. I met many […]

My political coming out

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: April | May 2015

I participated in the student walk-outs in East Los Angeles in 1968 as a second year UCLA student.  I was an inexperienced nineteen year old that had lived through a system without role models, with teachers who weren’t from the local community, and who were not Latino/Mexican descent nor Spanish-speaking.  I was the first of […]

“It’s not just police brutality. There’s a system around it,” says young activist.

Laura Garcia |  Issue: March 2015

Laura Garcia of the Tribuno del Pueblo interviewed Mari Caldwell-Robinson at the Michael Brown protests in Ferguson, MO. Mari is part of North Carolina’s Black Workers for Justice and their youth organization, Hip Hop for Justice in Raleigh. Laura Garcia: Why are you in Ferguson? Mari Caldwell-Robinson: I was angry and had to come. I […]

Youth Going Back to Collective Action

from the Editors |  Issue: March 2015

Amongst the movements that emerged in the decades of the 1960s and 70s, youth participation had a fundamental role. Young people demonstrated against a capitalist society, its model of consumerism, its internal policy of discrimination and their attacks against other countries. This youth’s passion was successful in their attainment of civil rights through their struggle […]

My Dreams for the Next Generation

Nzingha Austin |  Issue: January | February 2014

Nzingha Austin (nzingha.aj@gmail.com), Master of Education student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada The polar ice caps have begun to melt rapidly, and the levels of the ocean are rising.  In some areas, smog covers cities like a carpet and the people inhale toxic air.  I am sorry for my children and grandchildren […]

Human Rights: A Worldwide Problem

Martin Rivera |  Issue: January | February 2014

Martin Rivera (martin__rivera@hotmail.com), Undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Humanity has undergone many drastic changes throughout history.  However, it is important to emphasize that some degree of evolution has occurred, such as the implementation of regimes based on liberal democracy. New generations have adopted liberal democracy, a doctrine in which we […]

Creating a Culture of Life Long Learners

Jennifer Van Hove- Nagtegaal |  Issue: January | February 2014

Jennifer Van Hove- Nagtegaal, Open studies student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada I find myself at an interesting stage in life; I have developed a wisdom that comes with passing nearly three decades on this earth, but at the same time I realize that I have so much yet to learn.  This […]

The Role of Young People Today

Iskra Abello |  Issue: January | February 2014

  Iskra Abello , Undergraduate student at the University of Concepción, 8th Region, Chile According to experts, one of the underlying traits of young people is their desire to change the world and their passionate ideas.   Those of us who have passed through young adulthood, or who are living it now, know that it is […]

‘Youth have to Create’

Etienne Tomasa |  Issue: January | February 2014

Etienne Tomasa (Etienne.Tomasena@ense3.grenoble-inp.fr) Exchange student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Undergraduate student at Grenoble INP, France The world today is driven by a capitalist economy in which money and personal benefit are thought to be more important than the conditions of other human beings.  Thus, societies are increasingly individualistic. I have a […]

The Role of Young People Today

Editors |  Issue: January | February 2014

We thank the authors of the essays on these pages for joining the battle of ideas. Last year Professor Brandee Strickland requested that the Tribuno del Pueblo publish essays from these young people. The board agreed to, and asked that they comment on their aspirations for their generation. Below are excerpts from their essays. The […]