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Bernie Sanders’ program on immigration

Bernie Sanders Campaign |  Issue: March 2020

Institute a moratorium on deportations, reinstate and expand DACA, reform our immigration enforcement system, and live up to our ideals as a nation.

Chile mimics U.S. immigration policy

Maxine Lowry |  Issue: January 2020

Open borders had been common in South American nations. In recent years, several countries, including Chile, began a selective immigration practice.

Bernie Sanders’ program on immigration

Bernie Sanders Campaign |  Issue: January 2020

Bernie believes we must stand up for our values and accept refugees, asylum-seekers, and families who come to the United States.

The Mississippi raids

Ted Quant |  Issue: October | November 2019

Our government is terrorizing and torturing men, women, and even babies in our name. Who is the criminal when laws are inhumane?

‘The unwanted ones’

José Torres |  Issue: October | November 2019

The rich capitalists blame us for their economic problems by agitating a section society. These are lies meant to divide us, and they continue in power.

Alex Sánchez organizing for human rights

Magdaleno Leno Roe-Avila, Founder of Homies Unidos |  Issue: October | November 2019

Alex has had to fight to stay alive on the difficult streets of both El Salvador and Los Angeles. Now he is a beacon of hope for all who come to know him.

The paradox of immigration in Puerto Rico, U.S.A.

Pedro Angel Rivera |  Issue: October | November 2019

Fighting ignorance fostered through xenophobia, racism, and the immoral and hypocritical anti-immigrant policies promoted by capitalism in Puerto Rico.