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To all the immigrant parents

Luz Cortés |  Issue: November | December 2018

We see your hard work, and will never truly understand the things you have been through. But we see it, and we love you.

We are all on temporary protected status

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: November | December 2018

We are a country of immigrants. We are human beings who need to unite to defend our right to live. We must prepare for future fights.

Teachers wave strike: A turning point

Richard Monje |  Issue: June | July 2018

A striking Oklahoma teacher called the mushrooming struggle around public education “a turning point.” She is right. And it’s a turning point about more than education.     This year we have seen sweeping, rolling statewide strikes by teachers that began in West Virginia and spread to Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arizona, with stirrings in […]

The moral side of the American workers

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2018

We have all seen the social face of fascism breaking into churches and schools and roaming through streets and rural roads in America. Fascism. To the immigrant population, fascism has the face of the ICE and border patrol agents. The ruling class is using its billionaire propaganda machine to foment a fascist culture that blames […]

In the hard struggle of revolution

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2018

  We are in a worldwide revolution that dwarfs the American Revolution of 1776. Despite the din and chatter of sex scandals, probes of foreign meddling in our elections, saber-rattling over North Korea, trade wars with China, destabilization of the Middle East and support of murderous regimes around the world, the relentless attack on our […]

Central New York State acts in defense of immigrants

Dave Ransom |  Issue: June | July 2018

  Where communities opposed slave-catchers in 1850, they rally against ICE raids today Marcial de Leon Aguilar was milking cows in a Central New York barn early April 19, when he was surrounded by armed ICE agents in street clothes, thrown up against the wall, loudly interrogated, and arrested — as two of his children […]

Attorney General Sessions ‘not shedding tears’ that 160 kids are left without a parent in Tennessee raids

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: June | July 2018

  On April 5, 2018 in a joint raid involving ICE, Homeland Security, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division and Tennessee Highway Patrol, 97 workers were arrested at the Southeastern Provision slaughterhouse in Bean Station, TN. In a blatant and immoral separation of families, these raids left 160 kids without a parent. What’s to become of […]

New York Teamsters local joins sanctuary movement

Richard Monje |  Issue: April | May 2018

  In every corner of the United States, there are horror stories emerging as Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) is captured ripping mothers and fathers from their children. They are terrorizing communities and workplaces as raids are planned and implemented without consideration for families or minors that are left at times unattended. Cities, counties and […]

Immigrant leader fights for her 1st amendment right

from the Editors |  Issue: April | May 2018

  SEATTLE, WA – Maru Mora-Villalpando, who was sent a notice to appear for a deportation hearing in December 2017 due to her “anti-ICE” organizing against immigration detention and deportations, faced her first deportation hearing on March 15 at the Seattle Immigration Court. (At this court date, Maru was given May 22nd as the date […]

Undocumented immigrant rights leader targeted for deportation

From the editors |  Issue: February | March 2018

Editor’s note: the following are excerpts from a press release and interview about the targeting for deportation of an undocumented immigrant rights leader, Marú Mora Villalpando. She is an activist, organizer, immigrant, and mother in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. She has lived in the United States for more than 25 years. Maru […]

We stand by our leaders!

From the editors |  Issue: February | March 2018

  The repressive apparatus of the State, which includes ICE, is quietly singling out and attacking our leaders wherever they emerge. Leaders of the immigrant community and their support networks are currently in the bull’s-eye. This is happening despite the fact that a majority of U.S. citizens favor amnesty and a path to citizenship. It […]

Texans march against the border wall and SB-4

Jose Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: November | December 2017

  On August 12, over 700 hundred people gathered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mission. They marched along the Rio Grande River Texas/Mexico border. The purpose of the gathering was to protest the continued efforts of the Trump administration to build a wall that will divide two countries and their people. It […]

Rerza Nekumanesh interview about the Mesa Verde Detention Center

Interview by Eduardo Castro |  Issue: November | December 2017

Reza Nekumanesh, Executive Director of Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno is interviewed by Eduardo Castro for the Tribuno del Pueblo. The center is a non-profit organization that promotes a variety of religious and cultural programs and services. EC: What is your opinion of ICE’s detention center? RN: ICE’s agenda is to keep immigrants from doing […]

At Texas capitol, 15 young women turn their Quinceañera into protest of SB 4

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: September | October 2017

  AUSTIN, TX – On July 19, a group of 15 teenage girls, dressed in brightly colored gowns, stood in front of the Texas State Capitol to participate in one of Latin American culture’s most cherished traditions: the quinceañera.     But this quinceañera was more than simply a coming-of-age celebration. Instead, it was a […]

Come organize with the Corpus Christi Immigration Coalition

Raúl Alonzo and Claudia Rueda |  Issue: September | October 2017

  Since we began organizing about seven months ago, as the Corpus Christi Immigration Coalition, our group has gone through several changes. Our commitment, however, remains focused on being advocates and activists who organize around immigrant-related policies on a local and state level; do outreach to the local immigrant community to raise awareness of the […]

Opposition to SB-4 is growing

José Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: September | October 2017

What Texas governor Greg Abbott is trying to do is bring the people of Texas to its knees. In the first Legislative session, he was able to pass Senate Bill 4, the “anti-sanctuary cities bill,” which becomes law on September 1. Meanwhile, he is up for re-election and is courting the “Hispanic” vote here in […]

Why the hunger strikes in detention centers?

Marú Mora Villalpando |  Issue: September | October 2017

In the past months, immigrants detained in three different places on the West Coast have gone on hunger strike to protest their terrible conditions. One would think that under this new fascist regime, vulnerable people who have been used as scapegoats would not protest, especially while being processed for deportation. Nevertheless, hundreds of people in […]

Immigrants: scapegoat for economic ills

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: September | October 2017

Ten people are dead after dozens, including children, were locked by smugglers inside a sweltering tractor-trailer. The truck was found at a San Antonio, TX Walmart. This horrific event testifies to how desperate people are to find work to feed their families and the imminent danger they face in doing so. The smugglers have been […]