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Immigration – Texas

Migrant children in Fort Bliss

Joshua Rubin with Witness at the Border Facebook Post |  Issue: June July 2021

We are hiding children in the desert again. In tents, on the grounds of a fort that once established dominance over the local indigenous peoples.

Zooming to the border for human rights

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: November | December 2020

Activists, researchers, and journalists, concerned about human rights convened five panels representing different sections of the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The unimaginable journey to the southern border

Alejandro Rosel Arreola González Corral – High School teacher |  Issue: July | August 2019

They flock their way, to get to the promised land. They come seeking economic opportunities only to face disdain, hatred and, in many cases, death.

Which side are you on?

From the editors |  Issue: May | June 2019

People have the right to migrate and to seek asylum. We must end the militarization of the border and stop the detention and deportation of immigrants.

Victory! Laura Monterrosa released

from the Editors |  Issue: April | May 2018

  As we go to press Laura Monterrosa was released from detention March 16.  Her release is the result of a months long campaign that drew support from around the country. AUSTIN —I was at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center on Saturday to support Laura Monterrosa.  She is a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from El Salvador, […]

No democracy in Texas

Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

“In March, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas’ Senate Bill 4, the unjust “Sanctuary Cities Law.” The law forces elected officials, from the governor to justices of the peace, to turn immigrants over to immigration agents. Public officials (many of whom have refused to comply with the law and provide sanctuary to […]

Texas primaries: ‘They’re all the same’

José Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

  The Democrats all over Texas came out not in waves or bandwagons, just like any other primary election in Texas. Ever since Reconstruction minorities all over the south, Texas included, have been left out of the voting process either by fear or the poll tax. Nowadays, it’s no ID. No vote! That’s why Texas […]

In memory of a comrade, a veteran fighter for a better world: Juan Torres

José Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

  A veteran comrade, Juan Torres, passed away in January 2018. He was born and raised in the Rio Grande “Valley of Tears.” Juan labored in the fields during his youth as an adult In the Valley and in the summers migrated north. After graduating from high school, Juan joined the Marines and achieved the […]

Texans march against the border wall and SB-4

Jose Torres and Manuel Torres |  Issue: November | December 2017

  On August 12, over 700 hundred people gathered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mission. They marched along the Rio Grande River Texas/Mexico border. The purpose of the gathering was to protest the continued efforts of the Trump administration to build a wall that will divide two countries and their people. It […]