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Immigration – Border

Day of the Dead 2021: Honoring 557+ border deaths

Laura Garcia |  Issue: November 29, 2021

The United States needs to end MPP and Title 42. In addition Mexico needs to stop adhering to the U.S. government’s wishes to keep migrants and refugees in Mexico instead of letting them enter the United States.

The long, hard road of the courageous Haitian migrants

Magdaleno Rose-Avila and Carolyne Rose-Avila |  Issue: November 1, 2021

It is wrong-headed to think that deportation is the solution. We must first be humane and smart in responding to this new multilateral migration reality.


 |  Issue: October 2021

This zine was created to uplift and center the voices of Black, Indigenous, and Trans migrants in the San Diego-Tijuana region.

Whips, horses and deportations

Cynthia Pompa, Physicians for Human Rights |  Issue: October 2021

The images from this week are sickening. Haitians seeking asylum are being whipped and rounded up like cattle by the U.S. Border Patrol to return them back to danger. Let me say this again: Adults and children are being whipped by agents of the United States government. By your government.

The Death Walk

Vincent Rangel |  Issue: June July 2021

We should understand, most migrant families come for a better life and a better way of raising their kids.

Migrant children in Fort Bliss

Joshua Rubin with Witness at the Border Facebook Post |  Issue: June July 2021

We are hiding children in the desert again. In tents, on the grounds of a fort that once established dominance over the local indigenous peoples.

Biden’s Immigration Plan

Ada Marys Lorenzana |  Issue: April 2021

On day one of his presidency, Biden announced his immigration plan titled the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021.

IMMIGRATION: The first 100 days of Biden’s administration

By Pedro Ríos, Director of the AFSC’s U.S./Mexico Border Program |  Issue: February 2021

Interfaith Immigration Coalition priority recommendations for “Welcoming and Supporting Migrants, Immigrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees.”

Zooming to the border for human rights

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: November | December 2020

Activists, researchers, and journalists, concerned about human rights convened five panels representing different sections of the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The making of Trump trauma

Dr. Belinda Hernández Arriaga |  Issue: October 2020

Our call to action is NOW! We must vote, we must write letters to our representatives demanding change, we must demand an end to MPP.

The unimaginable journey to the southern border

Alejandro Rosel Arreola González Corral – High School teacher |  Issue: July | August 2019

They flock their way, to get to the promised land. They come seeking economic opportunities only to face disdain, hatred and, in many cases, death.

Not from here, nor from there

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: July | August 2019

The hype about terror, drugs, national security is catering to the U.S.-born and uninformed persons. It is a blatant disregard of fairness and human life.

‘You pay me, or you die with your daughter!’

Interview by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: July | August 2019

‘You pay me, or you die with your daughter!’ ‘No choice but to leave’: Why a mother and her baby fled Guatemala all alone.

‘We cannot lose our humanity’

Sister Norma Pimentel |  Issue: July | August 2019

It’s important that people see the truth, what we see here at the border. We don’t see criminals. We see families, who are in desperate need of help.


Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila — Borderangels.org |  Issue: May | June 2019

I am the Bad Hombre, Not your nightmare, But a friend … an Amigo who, Wants to dream and live in a better world, Alongside of you and all the others.

Hunger strike in detention center in Louisiana

From the editors |  Issue: May | June 2019

People being held in immigration detention in Louisiana are on a hunger strike to protest their inability to be free while making a case for asylum.

Which side are you on?

From the editors |  Issue: May | June 2019

People have the right to migrate and to seek asylum. We must end the militarization of the border and stop the detention and deportation of immigrants.

The whole system is guilty

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: February | March 2019

ICE detention centers are present-day concentration camps. Corporations profit from human suffering.

‘Hate words lead to hate actions’

Enrique Morones |  Issue: February | March 2019

On December 15, Enrique Morones gave a warm welcome and a bit of history to volunteers who were bringing, sorting and loading cars with donations.