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Immigration – Arizona

Zooming to the border for human rights

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: November | December 2020

Activists, researchers, and journalists, concerned about human rights convened five panels representing different sections of the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Trump’s first deportee: Guadalupe García de Rayos

From the editors |  Issue: March 2017

  “The only crime my mother committed was to go to work to give a better life for her children,” commented Jacqueline (14 years old) of Guadalupe García de Rayos, 35, one of the first causalities of Trump’s war on immigrants. She was seprated from Jacqueline, su hijo Angel, 16, and her spouse. Guadalupe had […]

“We believe immigrant rights are part of human rights.”

From the Editors |  Issue: September | October 2012

Support the Green Party Candidate: Jill Stein Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is a mother, housewife, physician, longtime teacher of internal medicine, and pioneering environmental-health advocate. In her native Massachusetts, she has led successful campaigns to clean up coal-fired power plants, to get mercury and dioxin out of the air, water, and food supply, […]

No papers, no fear ride

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: September | October 2012

Videos: http://www.tribunodelpueblo.org/2012/09/no-papers-no-fear-ride-for-justice/ http://www.tribunodelpueblo.org/2012/09/no-papers-no-fear-civil-disobedience-at-dnc/ We can’t wait for anyone else any longer. We’ve come too far to allow this country to be turned back. The tour began on July 29th in Phoenix, Arizona, following a week of action calling for Sheriff Arpaio to be brought to justice and for the federal government to stop collaborating with […]

Arizona Law

from the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2012

An Injury to One is an Injury to All ARIZONA–On Monday, June 25 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the onerous provision of the Arizona state SB 1070 law called “show me your papers.” This measure requires local police to determine the legal status of anyone they apprehend, no matter how minor the infraction. Though the […]

Immigration struggles – a critical front in the movement for equality and justice

Jerome Scott & Walda Katz-Fishman |  Issue: November / December 2011

The immigration struggle moved into high gear last year with the passage of Arizona law SB 1070 and the threat of copycat laws across the nation, especially in the South, along with the failure of the US government to pass immigration reform and the Dream Act. SB 1070 swelled the wave of criminalization of immigrant […]

Round Two: The Scorecard

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: September / October 2011

More states are turning down Arizona-style laws than passing them. But about ‘Secure Communities’… Who has the right to enforce federal immigration laws, the states or the federal government? That’s what’s being decided as state laws like Arizona’s notorious SB 1070 get thrown before the courts. And that’s not all. The courts will also decide […]

ICE Runs Amok

by Margarito Diaz |  Issue: February / March 2011

Obama’s E-Verify and I-9 audits are worse than Bush’s raids and must be stopped ICE’s workplace attacks are continuing under the Obama administration, and they are threatening everybody’s rights. Throughout the United States, hundreds of thousands of families are being uprooted, torn apart, and destroyed. The tragedy is due to the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the […]

After Arizona Assassination Attempt

por Presente.org |  Issue: February / March 2011

“Empower our communities and stand strong together” (Editor’s note: The Tribuno del Pueblo received the following letter – excerpted here – shortly after the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in early January.) Saturday’s tragedy [January 8, 2011] in Arizona was a shock for many. As a nation we need to have a much-needed conversation […]