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2018 Election: A Wave of Resistance

from the Editors |  Edición: November | December 2018

The 2018 election campaign made what is good in America better and what’s bad in America worse. We have to build on the unity that was forged.

Rise of the grassroots

from the Editors |  Edición: September | October 2018

Fascism and the breakup of the old political party systems in the United States and Mexico resulting from pitting workers against high-tech robotics.

Fascism or Democracy

from the Editors |  Edición: September | October 2018

Today, fascism is rearing its ugly head once again. This time however, serving the interests of corporations and elected officials.

The night is darkest before the dawn

from the Editors |  Edición: April | May 2018

Society is going through a revolutionary transformation     We live in a country and a world that are being transformed before our eyes. The America that once was seen as a beacon of hope and opportunity is quickly disappearing. Our democracy is being trampled upon. Our freedoms and the aspirations of our children are […]

What is tax reform? It is a transfer of wealth, a theft!

From the editors |  Edición: February | March 2018

Tax reform is what Trump signed into law in December and many legislators who supported and voted for it are now planning to seek re-election in 2018 and beyond. Most people in the United States do not know what it was all about! Lobbyists and the Treasury Department are still trying to decipher it. Basically, […]

We are all in this together

from the Editors |  Edición: November | December 2017

  Times of crisis and natural disasters bring out the best and the worst in humanity. The natural human impulse is to reach out and help those in need. It has become clear however, that those who are helping the most are not the ones who are in control of government. Numerous instances abound of […]

The right to stay with our families!

from the Editors |  Edición: November | December 2017

An injury to one, is an injury to all     America was built by immigrants from all over the world. This includes those forced into slavery and brought against their will. It includes the Native Americans who were first to arrive. Oppression, exploitation, and brutality have been part of this history, and they continue. […]

A cause, a banner, and a press

from the Editors |  Edición: September | October 2017

In the pages of this issue, the reader will find articles that speak directly to the vision of what America can be: a land of opportunity, freedom, and equality for all. Beginning with “We the human family,” we have all been immigrants since our forefathers first set foot here from Africa. The unity ceremonies of […]

The root of the problem

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Edición: July 2017

  With all the scandal and controversy surrounding President Trump’s first months in office, talk of war and terrorist attacks abroad, and state sponsored vicious attacks on the defenseless here at home — it is easy to get lost in the details. As a consequence, we don’t see what is underlying the rapidly changing political […]

Sanctuary in modern times

from the Editors |  Edición: May | June 2017

  Since Biblical times, the term “sanctuary” has meant a safe place from persecution and violence for the oppressed. In the times of Jesus Christ, it meant feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, protecting the defenseless, and healing the sick. It even meant driving out the moneylenders and the profiteers from the […]

Tumultuous change

From the Editors |  Edición: March 2017

  As difficult as it may seem, we are witnessing the birth pangs of a new society. No one can deny that we are living in times of momentous and tumultuous change. Everything we have known and loved about America seems turned upside down. Democratic rights are trampled. Women’s and minority rights are threatened. The […]

2016: An Election Like No Other

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Edición: December | January 2017

  The U.S. has entered a political crisis. The oligarchy is attempting to divide us. We can win only if we unite. “Not my president!” With this slogan, thousands of people from New York to California, Minnesota to Texas — men and women, young and old, Latino, African American, and Anglo —have taken to the […]

What can Latinos expect from the presidential elections of 2016?

for the Editors |  Edición: September | October 2016

This electoral campaign reveals an unprecedented crisis and splits within the established Democratic and Republican parties. We have two of the most unpopular establishment candidates ever to choose from. Additionally, Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein are getting unprecedented coverage due to popular dissatisfaction with the establishment candidates. On one hand stands […]

What the Presidential Elections of 2016 mean for us

From the Editors |  Edición: July | August 2016

  As the election approaches, our Tribuno audience faces difficult choices. After eight years of failed promises for immigration reform, do we support Hillary Clinton just because Trump, the Republican candidate, seems so bad? Advanced technology and globalization are wiping out millions of jobs, both in the home countries of immigrants and in the U.S. […]

The Forces behind the 2016 Presidential Elections

from the Editors |  Edición: May | June 2016

  There is a revolution going on not only in the United States, but all over the world.  The revolution and changes in the economy are influencing the capitalists and their politics in the United States and abroad. We are seeing changes that we have never witnessed before:  increase of extremely wealthy, corporate individuals while […]

Emergency Manager System: The Face of American Fascism

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Edición: March 2016

Flint Michigan, once proud city of automotive production, and the-sit down strike, is suffering from lead poisoning, at the hands of state government. Flint’s Emergency Manager, appointed by the governor, switched its water supply from the Detroit system (lake water) to water from the polluted Flint River on April 25, 2014, to “save money.” The […]

Government Must House Our People

From the editors |  Edición: February | March 2016

  In an economy based on private property, government serves the owners of the means of production, who in our society are primarily the large banks and corporations. When those corporations begin to rely on automated production instead of human labor, they no longer pay the wages necessary for people to buy the bare necessities […]

Editor’s Note

from the Editors |  Edición: October | November 2015

  While seeing U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump talk to reporter Jorge Ramos like a dog outraged Latinos and decent Americans, many in the U.S. have been fooled into thinking he has some kind of solution to their problems. The idea of a strong man persona with answers and a fascist appeal is presented as […]

The Fight for $15 and Occupy — Waves in a Continuing Struggle

Tribuno del Pueblo |  Edición: August | September 2015

  On April 15, 2015, fast-food workers held rallies in 236 U.S. cities in their biggest protest yet for higher pay and union rights. In addition, tens of thousands of people from 40 countries across the globe came together for fair wages and the right to organize and as a part of the Fight for […]

DACA & DAPA on Hold Indefinitely

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Edición: June | July 2015

  Betrayed again A few days before the Expanded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) became effective, 26 states filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States. A judge from Texas placed a hold on these two programs.  DAPA would have […]