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Peña Nieto plans billion-dollar giveaway to global telecom giants

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: April | May 2015

Move brutally undercuts popular rights won in the Mexican Revolution When Mexican President Peña Nieto came to office, he undertook to reform the country’s major industries, one of which was telecommunications (“telecom”). Telecom includes telephones, the internet and satellite communication systems. The basis of Peña Nieto’s changes was encouraging foreign capital into Mexico to develop […]

Fascism: Why?

by the Editors |  Issue: October | November 2014

Merging of the Government and the Corporations We in the U.S. are going through a deep political, social, cultural, moral and economic upheaval. At the heart of this is income inequality. Income inequality between the rich and the working poor is becoming more apparent so that a more hopeful tomorrow for all seems more like […]

Taking Food from the Mouths of Babes

Dave Ransom |  Issue: January | February 2014

  Congress’s food-stamp cuts add to the hunger of women, children, and old people. Without lifting a finger, just letting past legislation run out, Congress accomplished a $5 billion cutback of the food-stamp program (SNAP) last November. And as Democrats and Republicans left Washington for Christmas, they were squabbling over not whether, but how much […]

Robots promise a wonderful world, but for whom?

Editors |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  The media talk about the wonders of robots and computers, bringing a wonderful world — But for whom? Today humanity is in an epoch of social revolution, revolutionized by microchips, computers and all their derivatives. The cover story, “Robots in Fields” (pages 8) talks about:  A wine-grape pruning robot doing the job at half […]

Robots in the fields

Sal Sandoval |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

    Robots promise a wonderful world, but for whom? A wine-grape pruning robot that does the job of manual labor at half the cost. A strawberry-picking robot that works day and night, though still slower than human pickers. A lettuce-thinning machine in development that can do the job 20 to 40 times faster than […]

Hedge Funds — The American Nightmare

Rodolfo F. Acuña |  Issue:

  When I was growing up, relatives talked incessantly about retirement, which generally meant going to live with a daughter and her family. When social security kicked in, some older relatives became more independent, especially those who had bought a home and paid it off. They could rent out a room or two to a […]

Immigration Reform and the New Technology

From the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2013

  With the American Dream becoming a nightmare even for the native-born, what can immigrants expect? Today’s immigration debates are occurring in an environment of enforced austerity at home, where even previously comfortable U.S- born workers are being sacrificed to corporate profits. At the same time, the globalization of capitalism is displacing millions from their […]

“What do we want? RESPECT! When do we want it? NOW!

Chuck Parker |  Issue: February | March 2013

Walmart Workers Forging a New Labor Movement Walmart workers are embroiled in a ferocious fight to unionize and fight against low wages and harassment. It’s an important fight for all workers, but especially Latinos. Walmart is the largest employer of Latinos in the U.S. The Walton family, owners of the Walmart Corporation, rank among the […]

Government Becomes Tool of the Corporations

EDITORIAL |  Issue: February | March 2013

“Right to Work” Law means low wages While for a long time there have been ebbs and flows in the battle between employers and unions, something new has appeared on the battlefield. An old tool—the so-called “right to work” law—has suddenly been sharpened in a new way, as shown by a surprise action of the […]

Big Capital is Moving into Single-family Housing Investments

Dave Ransom |  Issue: February | March 2013

A quiet coup at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Don’t look now, but one or another of the richest men in the U.S. may be your landlord, if not now then soon. Some of the oligarchy’s biggest bankers and hedge-fund operators have carried out a quiet coup at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government […]

“Right to Work” Law and Latinos

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: February | March 2013

The rights of immigrant workers in the U.S. have long been closely tied to the progress of so-called “right to work” laws and the second-class status of the southwest.  After the U.S. Civil War, the oligarchy developed and maintained the agricultural South and Southwest as low-wage areas. Later this tactic was threatened as the U.S. […]

Foreclosed Homes have Become Investment Opportunities to the 1%

Dave Ransom |  Issue: February | March 2013

“Some of the biggest names on Wall Street are lining up to become landlords to cash-strapped Americans,” writes the Wall Street Journal. No joke. One of the chief architects of the subprime-mortgage industry and its collapse recently left his bank to start up a billion-dollar hedge fund and become your landlord. At the big investment […]

Cross-Border Unity Against the TPP

Arthur Stamoulis, Citizens Trade Campaign |  Issue: February | March 2013

A movement of movements is re-uniting across the globe to say “ENOUGH!” to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—an international proposal being pushed by the Obama administration at the behest of big corporations that would spread NAFTA-style trade and investment rules throughout the Pacific Rim. “It’s impossible to overstate how devastating NAFTA has been to working people […]

The Lesson of the 2012 Election

EDITORIAL |  Issue: November | December 2012

The Parties of the Oligarchy Are Dividing Us. We Need a Party of Our Own. Obama, Romney, Democrats, Republicans—what do we learn from the froth of the 2012 election that will help us win our struggles for jobs, housing, health care, the environment, the rights of immigrants, and everything else we are fighting for? The […]

Latino Vote – Today and Tomorrow

by the Editors |  Issue: November | December 2012

With immigration and jobs being the main issues on their minds in this election, Latinos overwhelmingly voted Democratic to elect Obama for yet another term. As regards immigration, the choice was meager at best. Romney’s rhetoric has been hardline and uncompromising, holding out no hope of amnesty. With Obama’s Deferred Action decree, and his promise […]

Nicaragua: The struggle continues

Benjamin Wood |  Issue: November | December 2012

The first decade of Sandinista rule was characterized by war against reactionary forces, certain abuses of power by military leaders, an investment in literacy, culture, and health, and an unhealthy degree of compliance with transnational entities such as the IMF. In 1990 the Nicaraguan electorate voted out the revolutionary party and elected Violeta Chamorro Barrios, […]

The Elephant in the Room

Dave Ransom |  Issue: November | December 2012

Neither Romney or Obama Faced the Real Economic Problem—Making Life’s Basics a Right This year’s presidential election was all about the economy, specifically how to create good-paying jobs. But the candidates ignored the elephant in the room—the increasingly sophisticated robots now replacing workers in industry after industry. In the heat of the campaign, Republican candidate […]

The Rise of the Robot Workers!

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: November | December 2012

Sophisticated robots have been replacing thousands of workers in production jobs for some time now. But only recently has this earthshaking change been given serious attention in the press. The shift is too big and too obvious to keep hidden any more—not when the Chinese company that assembles the iPhones using the world’s lowest paid […]

Why the Oligarchy is Targeting Women?

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: July | August 2012

Why are the oligarchs attacking women? And what do immigrant women — singled out as “the other” — have to fear? As computers and robots take over job job after job, they are throwing millions of us into permanent unemployment. But people are beginning the fight for a new way of life — a life […]

I Am #132, Coachella, California

Chuck Parker |  Issue: July | August 2012

On June 11 in Coachella Ca., the Comité Latino organized a protest to show support and solidarity with the student movement in Mexico called, Yo soy # 132 (I Am #132). The students in Mexico are struggling to prevent the return to the dictatorship of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party,) and their candidate Enrique Peña […]