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Economy – Globalization

A fearful dilemma

Dave Ransom |  Issue: July | August 2019

Automation and robots will change the face of manufacturing. We will have to wrest control from the capitalist class and manage the transition ourselves.

Why the exodus from Central America?

From the Editors |  Issue: February | March 2019

The United States has played and still plays an active role in creating the conditions that force people to leave.

Migrant caravan

Laura Garcia |  Issue: November | December 2018

We the workers of the United Sates, a country of immigrants, must fight to keep the gates open for our sisters and brothers.

NAFTA — the way corporate America exploits Mexico

Cathleen Williams |  Issue: February | March 2018

Bi-National Conference chides Democratic leadership, as well as Republicans NAFTA is not about trade. That message resounded throughout the Bi-National Conference. Instead, it is about the complete corporate penetration and domination of Mexican and Central American society and economy, as corporate America shifts factories and services to Mexico, exploits its desperate work force and blames […]

‘Cancel NAFTA! Tear Down the Wall!’

Cathleen Williams |  Issue: February | March 2018

Bi-National Conference brings together unions and workers from the United States and Mexico      “I arrived in this country when I was eight years old. My parents were peasants in Mexico. In 1994, when the NAFTA agreement privatized the lands [the ejidos] in Mexico, they had no choice but to migrate to the United […]

Trump’s immigration strategy: betting on people’s misinformation

Dave Ransom |  Issue: September | October 2017

Most don’t know that you can’t migrate to the U.S. legally from Mexico     When the Trump administration launched the most recent U.S. attack on “illegal immigrants,” particularly Mexicans, it bet on the ignorance of many Americans to make its charges believable and frightening. After all, somebody doing something illegal is a criminal, right? […]

Texas: Community unites against Exxon Arabia Corp.

Raúl García |  Issue: July 2017

San Patricio County (TX), which includes the Gregory-Portland area outside of Corpus Christi, was selected recently by Exxon-Arabia Industries Corporation to build the largest petrochemical plant in the world. The plant will be built a mile from the small town of Gregory, which has a Hispanic population of less than 2,000, and from the nearby […]

Mexico: Education Reform Written in Blood

David Bacon, Renata Bessi & Santiago Navarro F. |  Issue: July | August 2016

  On Sunday, June 19, federal police in Oaxaca, Mexico, fired on teachers and supporters in the Mixteca town of Nochixtlán, killing at least four and wounding 50 more. The latest confrontation between teachers and the federal government since the 2013 National Education Reform. Why is the government willing to kill for Education Reform? The […]

Trump and Elections Stir Up Fascist Movement

From the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2016

At first Donald Trump’s campaign caused outrage at his anti-Mexican attacks, but people thought of him as a clown impossible to elect. Now people are taking the situation more seriously and saying that Trump is stirring up a growing fascist movement. What is fascism? Fascism is a political form of state power. It is the […]

May Day 2016: “We must provide the necessities for the people,” says labor leader

People’s Tribune Interview |  Issue: May | June 2016

Editor’s note: The People’s Tribune (our sister publication) interviewed Richard Monje, Vice President of Workers United, about May Day, 2016—the international workers holiday. On the significance of May Day, 2016 “May Day presents the opportunity to examine what is happening to the working class—with technology replacing labor. After the 2008 depression, working families were devastated […]

The world battle against fascism

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: May | June 2016

  The global oligarchy is moving to enforce a stranglehold on the peoples of the world, as seen in the Trump presidential campaign and the financial disaster in Puerto Rico. The workers of the world are struggling to take the offensive in this battle. Donald Trump steps forth as hangman of democracy. He began his […]

What is socialism?

from the Editors |  Issue: May | June 2016

Contrary to what we are told, socialism is not about simply adding more social programs, nor is it a fascist dictatorship.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary makes clear that socialism is an economic system, and a stepping-stone to a society based on cooperation where the wealth of society is distributed according to need. It states: [Socialism is] […]

Immigration is not the Problem, Capitalism Is

From the editors |  Issue: February | March 2016

  ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) welcomed the New Year by raiding and terrorizing our communities. Though raids won’t solve the problem of immigration, it does serve to terrorize our communities and keep them in check, so that people don’t protest injustice and organize for their human rights. Immigration is not the problem, capitalism is […]

Rev. Pinkney Jailed for Being a Spokesperson for the Poor

From the People’s Tribune Editorial Board |  Issue: October | November 2015

Rev. Edward Pinkney, convicted without evidence of changing dates on petitions in a Benton Harbor, MI recall election of corporate-backed Mayor James Hightower, has filed motions to be released from prison pending the appeal of his conviction. That the powers that be in the area, controlled by the giant Whirlpool Corporation, have refused to allow […]

Peña Nieto plans billion-dollar giveaway to global telecom giants

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: April | May 2015

Move brutally undercuts popular rights won in the Mexican Revolution When Mexican President Peña Nieto came to office, he undertook to reform the country’s major industries, one of which was telecommunications (“telecom”). Telecom includes telephones, the internet and satellite communication systems. The basis of Peña Nieto’s changes was encouraging foreign capital into Mexico to develop […]

Vision of a New Society

from the Editors |  Issue: March 2015

  With massive demonstrations happening all over the world, the challenge is to see that we are all one Over the past several weeks, the world’s attention  has been riveted on massive demonstrations in cities throughout the United States, Mexico and France. What the demonstrations share is that they represent an outpouring of public sentiment […]

Narco State Part II

Arturo Gómez Santamaría |  Issue: January 2015

  The Sinaloa Cartel surpasses the power of Pablo Escobar of Colombia and other drug traffickers, who shook the foundations of their society while threatening the citizenry and the state. This grouping, in full global expansion, is the most powerful in the history of the world drug trade. It is a true transnational crime organization. […]

Other: Free Trade Agreements

by the Editors |  Issue: September 2014

CAFTA The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Promoted with similarly glowing promises as NAFTA was, is proving to be an un-mitigated disaster for workers throughout the hemisphere. Coming on top of wars and destabilization in the region, it benefits U.S. based multinational […]

U.S. Workers Must Join Hands with those from South of the Border

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: September 2014

What did the US export to Central America and Mexico? Not just criminal gang culture but unemployment. These countries were used as a safety valve where their workers were permitted to come to the US when US businesses, including agriculture, needed workers, and then those workers were deported when business’ needs changed. In the past […]

NAFTA and Other “Free Trade” Agreements

Salvador Sandoval M.D. |  Issue: September 2014

  Part of the immigration debate largely ignored in the traditional media is the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1993, and the alphabet soup of so-called “free trade agreements—CAFTA, FTAA, TPP which have developed since then. Understanding their impact goes far toward explain why immigrants are flocking to the United […]

Immigration a Direct Result of Globalization

From the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2013

If there’s a thread running through this issue, it is globalization, its effects, physical, material and spiritual, on the working masses in the Western Hemisphere — North, Central and South America. The effects of globalization are wearing on our soul — how many news reports are we going to see of immigrants caught in the […]