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Archive: September | October 2018

Abolish ICE, a perspective from the border

oponerse a la política de la separación de familias
Pedro Ríos  |  Issue: September | October 2018

The call to abolish ICE has gained popularity as many also disavow the Trump administration’s border policies of family separation and zero tolerance.

Fascism or Democracy

Todos deberíamos preocuparnos
from the Editors  |  Issue: September | October 2018

Today, fascism is rearing its ugly head once again. This time however, serving the interests of corporations and elected officials.

Rise of the grassroots

from the Editors |  Issue: September | October 2018

Fascism and the breakup of the old political party systems in the United States and Mexico resulting from pitting workers against high-tech robotics.

A call for a Dreamers Club

Ada Marys |  Issue: September | October 2018

The club will provide resources for undocumented students such as scholarship opportunities, information regarding DACA renewal, and political updates.

California votes on rents

demand for housing
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: September | October 2018

Californians go to the polls in November to decide who controls the rents of houses and apartments and the conditions for an eviction.

California Democrats are splitting

Dave Ransom |  Issue: September | October 2018

The confrontation between big capital the people, over Proposition 10 and the repeal of Costa Hawkins, is being fought in the California Democratic Party.

Flooding exposes corrupt Politicians

Jose Torres |  Issue: September | October 2018

Rio Grande Valley Commissioners have used designated monies for repairs of the drainage system for other purposes instead of fixing the drainage problem.

50th anniversary of the Young Lords Organization

from the Editors |  Issue: September | October 2018

On September 21st – 23rd the history and lasting legacy of the Young Lords Organization will be celebrated in Chicago where it began 50 years ago.