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Archive: September | October 2012

DREAMERS Face bittersweet reality

DREAMERS Face bittersweet realityphoto
Gloria M. Sandoval  |  Issue: September | October 2012

On June 15, 2012 President Obama announced a deferred action that would temporarily suspend deportation for undocumented youth known as DREAMERs if they meet specific requirements. The undocumented and unafraid campaigns and supporters are seeing the fruits of their labor. However, for those 800,000 that may qualify, pay the fees, and present proof, this two-year […]

ELECTIONS 2012: Battle for a party of our own

ELECTIONS 2012: Battle for a party of our own photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: September | October 2012

What were we promised? When the two big political parties, Republicans and Democrats, hold their national conventions every four years, they both write a platform, with their promises for the next four years and for the president if their candidate wins.  The last platforms are from 2008. The Republicans offered immigrants nothing other than repression, […]

Statement in support of the Green Party

Statement in support of the Green Party photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: September | October 2012

The Tribuno del Pueblo congratulates the Green Party on the occasion of their successful Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention. The Convention, which nominated Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala for President and Vice President, presented the American people a clear, simple and much needed program to confront the growing poverty and the looming threat […]

U.S. Caravan for Peace

U.S. Caravan for Peace photo
María Elena Fernández  |  Issue: Septiembre | Octubre 2012

“My son was 26 years old, was a professional, and played sports.” Javier Sicilia’s deep, pained voice describing his son killed in Cuernavaca, an innocent victim in Mexico’s drug war, pierced my heart as I sat in LA Central Library, listening to him last spring. Recounting the two caravans that crossed Mexico last year, he […]

MEXICO: Its hope is with the youth

MEXICO: Its hope is with the youth photo
By El Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: September | October 2012

In solidarity with the Mexican people we reprint this excerpts from the pamphlet written by the AMLO team to review the electoral fraud in Mexico. The Judgment of Inconformity On the 12th of July of 2012, the electoral coalition Progressive Movement, composed of the Democratic Revolution Party, and the Labor and Citizen’s Movement Party presented […]

MEXICO/U.S.—Intertwined Destinies

Salvador Sandoval M.D. |  Issue:

The handful of billionaires at the top, Mexico’s Carlos Slim and the U.S.’s Bill Gates among them, can have no loyalty to the working classes of their various countries. Immigrant Mexicans—and serious people of every sort in the United States of America—are watching what is happening in Mexico with concern. The stolen election (see accompanying […]

A new educational system is possible

From the Editors |  Issue:

Why is the US—among the first countries to guarantee free, universal public education—now becoming the first to end it? Why was money available at one stage of our nation’s history but dwindling now? And, how can a country with 412 billionaires, and spending of around $2 billion a week for the Afghanistan war alone, have […]

Chicago Schools: Democracy denied

William H. Watkins Ph.D. |  Issue:

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is a vast network of pre-school, elementary, secondary, military, charter and disability schools. 92%  of its students are of color. Beyond education, it feeds, nurses and counsels children. It is the second largest employer in Chicago. It is the third largest school system in the United States. It has a budget […]

Student Loans Are Debt Slavery!

Steve Miller |  Issue:

Francisco Reynoso is a gardener who lives near LA. In 2005, his son, Freddy, started attending Berklee College of Music—the first in his family to go to college. When Freddy died accidently, the collection agencies started hounding his father to pay off the rest of his student loans. Student loans—by law—cannot be avoided by bankruptcy. […]

ANAHEIM: A tale of two cities

Jimmy Franco |  Issue:

Video: http://www.tribunodelpueblo.org/2012/09/anaheim-kids-vs-anaheim-police-department/   The economic haves and have-nots and its effect on community services has a long history of race and class discrimination and was once known as Klanaheim during the 1920’s for its large Klan membership. Over 70 percent of the city’s population is minorities (Latino 53%, Asians 15%, blacks 2%), who do not […]