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Archive: September | October 2011

Round Two: The Scorecard

Round Two: The Scorecardphoto
by Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: September / October 2011

More states are turning down Arizona-style laws than passing them. But about ‘Secure Communities’… Who has the right to enforce federal immigration laws, the states or the federal government? That’s what’s being decided as state laws like Arizona’s notorious SB 1070 get thrown before the courts. And that’s not all. The courts will also decide […]

E-Verify Attacks all workers

E-Verify Attacks all workers photo
EDITORIAL by Margarito Diaz  |  Issue: September / October 2011

More anti-immigrant legislation introduced in Congress. It’s purpose – to divide and conquer In June, Rep. Lamar Smith, Republican from Texas, and 53 cosigners introduced the toughest antiimmigrant legislation in more than two centuries in Congress. Known as the “Legal Workforce Act” or H.R. 2164, this legislation, if it becomes law, will force every single […]

Dictatorship by the Corporations

Dictatorship by the Corporations photo
by Salvador Sandoval  |  Issue: September / October 2011

On May 2011 I had the privilege of interviewing the Reverend Edward Pinkney. Reverend Pinkney has gained national recognition for leading the impoverished, overwhelmingly black community of Benton Harbor, Michigan in its fight against the corporate takeover by Whirlpool Corporation. The struggle of Rev. Pinkney and supporters highlights the growing fascist danger in this country […]

Where we’re headed

Where we’re headed photo
by Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: September / October 2011

Immigrant rights advocates have become an assortment of strange bedfellows. Politicians, police chiefs, businesses and unions, religious, community and civil-rights organizations, all these are finding themselves in the same side. In this mixture of some good and some very strange company, revolutionaries need to figure out what should be our guiding light. Nationally, powerful economic […]

Landlords Evicting Illegally

Landlords Evicting Illegally photo
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: September / October 2011

In Sonoma County and elsewhere in California, some are taking the law into their own hands. More and more, landlords in Sonoma County, Calif., are taking the law into their own hands in evicting Latino tenants — changing their locks, cutting off their utilities, removing their belongings, or shoving their way in and starting “renovations.” […]

Rhode Islanders Take a Stand Against Georgia Law and ‘Secure Communities’

by Laura Garcia |  Issue:

On July 1, organizations in Providence, R.I. hung four large banners from bridges over a heavily driven section of I-95 through the city’s downtown. The banners had a series of messages supporting immigrant rights. “The messages [demonstrate] solidarity with the people of Georgia . . . and declare that Rhode Island should not follow the […]

Nationalize the Banks! Take Back Our Housing!

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

As the economic crisis deepens, some of the world’s biggest banks are emerging in control of a commanding share of this country’s housing. They are only a few — Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo., Deutsche Bank. Major world oligarchs, all of them. Together they hold a large part of the country’s […]

“Let’s Take Over the Takeover!”

by María Elena Martínez |  Issue:

When the LA School District abruptly turns their middle school into a charter-school, people protest. “Let’s take over the takeover,” vowed a South Los Angeles resident about the Los Angeles Board of Education’s recent move to close Henry Clay Middle School and then reopen it with Green Dot, a charter-school corporation, as operator. In effect […]

Failing Schools or Failing leadership?

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

Since the 1980s, factories all over southern California have been shutting down or downsizing, many moving to countries where wages are lower, others using technology to replace workers. Their corporate owners did this to increase their profits, and it worked – the rich got richer by creating unemployment and reducing wages for those still lucky […]

Movement for peace, dignity and justice

by Rodolfo Chávez |  Issue:

MEXICO–In recent years numerous groups have marched through the streets and highways of various cities in the country to demand from those in power a stop to the heinous violence, woefully unleashed on this poor country. To date this violence has resulted in the violent death of more than 40,000 (women, men, old people and […]