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Archive: September 2014

NAFTA and Other “Free Trade” Agreements

NAFTA and Other “Free Trade” Agreementsphoto
Salvador Sandoval M.D.  |  Issue: September 2014

  Part of the immigration debate largely ignored in the traditional media is the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1993, and the alphabet soup of so-called “free trade agreements—CAFTA, FTAA, TPP which have developed since then. Understanding their impact goes far toward explain why immigrants are flocking to the United […]

They are all our children

They are all our children photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: September 2014

  A humanitarian crisis involving Central American children seeking to enter the U.S. has been in the making for a long time. It only recently exploded onto the news, due largely to intentional coverage by media pundits and certain elected officials. Their purpose is partly to confuse and divide the public as to the causes […]

Immigrants! Welcome to the United States!

Immigrants! Welcome to the United States! photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: September 2014

You are being targeted by the oligarchy, not the American people themselves If no one else is doing so, let us welcome you to the United States. And let us try to explain the uproar that has erupted — and what a better world could be. Like yourselves, the American people are being hammered down […]

Why are the Refugee Children Coming?

Why are the Refugee Children Coming? photo
Robin Yeamans  |  Issue: September 2014

  They’re Being Forced out of their Home Countries by U.S. Policies What is the cause of changes in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that result in children from those countries coming to the US without even an adult to accompany them? These countries are naturally rich and beautiful, lands with close-knit families. The three […]

Refugee Children

Refugee Children photo
Laura García  |  Issue: September 2014

  Another excuse to further militarize the border CHICAGO–On July 18 a dozen Tea Party members held a protest in front of the Mexican Consulate against the U.S. giving refuge to the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. This rally was one of many the Tea Party and […]

U.S. Workers Must Join Hands with those from South of the Border

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: September 2014

What did the US export to Central America and Mexico? Not just criminal gang culture but unemployment. These countries were used as a safety valve where their workers were permitted to come to the US when US businesses, including agriculture, needed workers, and then those workers were deported when business’ needs changed. In the past […]

Other: Free Trade Agreements

by the Editors |  Issue: September 2014

CAFTA The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Promoted with similarly glowing promises as NAFTA was, is proving to be an un-mitigated disaster for workers throughout the hemisphere. Coming on top of wars and destabilization in the region, it benefits U.S. based multinational […]

Today It’s Ferguson, Tomorrow It’s You

by the Editors |  Issue: September 2014

  Two young men leisurely walk down the street in their Ferguson, Missouri community. The police ride up and moments later one of the young men, college-bound 18-year-old Michael Brown is dead. Witnesses describe it as a police execution. An outraged community then begins to protest. The police respond with a cover up. This is […]

Murrieta Shocks the Conscience of the American People

Democracy Now |  Issue: September 2014

  What follows is taken from Enrique Morones, director of the Border Angels in San Diego on July 11 on news show, “Democracy Now.” What I observed was the freedom of speech in action, which everybody supports. The protesters were on the sidewalk, yelling their chants and so forth. Then I saw the three buses […]

Support for Immigrant Women and Children Dwarfs Opposition in So. Cal.

Chuck Parker with assistance from Fernando Romero, Luis Nolasco, Jennaya Dunlap, and Mario Lazcano. |  Issue: September 2014

COACHELLA, CA–Local communities have shown an outpouring of support and welcome for the refugee families, in contrast to the hostility shown by anti-immigrant groups in Murrieta. One example of this is the generous outpouring of financial support from the community of Coachella which donated nearly $5000 to members of the Comité Latino outside the Our […]

Migrant Lives Matter

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: September 2014

A new campaign by the Immigrant Youth Coalition, “Migrant Lives Matter” directs attention to the Democratic Party and its Deporter-in-Chief President Obama for its passive actions regarding immigration reform. Under the Democrats watch, immigrants have been massively incarcerated, deported, and too many have died as a result of this inaction. Voicing that our communities have […]