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Archive: October | November 2015

“Dead in the Sand”

Central American migrants
Jim West  |  Issue: October | November 2015

  By the time the Border Patrol arrived, he was gone She stepped out of the Border Patrol truck sobbing. From San Luis Potosi in north central Mexico, the attractive 39-year-old woman had successfully slipped across the Rio Grande and had been trying to walk around a permanent Border Patrol checkpoint on Highway 281 near […]

Editor’s Note

Narcotic Economy
from the Editors  |  Issue: October | November 2015

  While seeing U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump talk to reporter Jorge Ramos like a dog outraged Latinos and decent Americans, many in the U.S. have been fooled into thinking he has some kind of solution to their problems. The idea of a strong man persona with answers and a fascist appeal is presented as […]

Is Trump The New Hitler?

Alex Suarez |  Issue: October | November 2015

TAMPA, FL — Trump’s latest call for pogroms against about 12 million people, including “anchor babies” who are half this amount, and deporting all undocumented workers in the U.S., is unconstitutional to say the least. The fact is that the most people ever deported in a year in the U.S. was under Obama. But who […]

Letter to the Editor on Donald Trump:

Francisco Reyes |  Issue: October | November 2015

Editor’s note: Reader Francisco Reyes responds to a People’s Tribune article entitled, “Attack on Immigrants Aims to Cultivate a Fascist Movement” in its August, 2015 issue. Can I sue Donald Trump for defamation of character?

Rev. Pinkney Jailed for Being a Spokesperson for the Poor

From the People’s Tribune Editorial Board |  Issue: October | November 2015

Rev. Edward Pinkney, convicted without evidence of changing dates on petitions in a Benton Harbor, MI recall election of corporate-backed Mayor James Hightower, has filed motions to be released from prison pending the appeal of his conviction. That the powers that be in the area, controlled by the giant Whirlpool Corporation, have refused to allow […]

Nelson Peery

Nelson Peery
from the Editors  |  Issue: October | November 2015

  Dear Readers, It is with great sorrow that we inform you that our beloved comrade, Nelson Peery, contributor and friend of the Tribuno del Pueblo, died on September 6, 2015, in Chicago at the age of 92.

Portrait of Nelson Peery

Jack Hirschman |  Issue: October | November 2015

With a small stick he worked the grains of wheat out of the cracks between the rotten boards of the boxcar floor flying through the Depression and built a little mountain of them in his palm, which he’d carry in his pocket down to the twilight hobo jungle to share.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Tribuno del Pueblo Editorial Board |  Issue: October | November 2015

The attack on immigrants in America is relentless. We must draw a line now. It is not possible—and our rulers are well aware—to have a democratic society when any sector of the working class is denied their humanity and isolated from the rest. And, that’s the point. Capitalism is a dying system. With its permanent […]

Europeans Welcome Refugees

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: October | November 2015

The media portray Syrian and other refugees flooding into Europe sympathetically, which is completely different than the way they portray Latino immigrants coming to the U.S. Why is one group of immigrants/refugees shown as deserving of support, while Latinos are claimed by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump to be rapists and criminals?

Familes United for Justice: Boycott Driscoll’s

Maru Mora Villalpando  |  Issue: October | November 2015

    Union members of Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ), picking berries for Sakuma Brothers Berry Farms are asking the general public and consumers to continue boycotting berries sold under the Driscoll label. Driscoll’s is the major buyer of Sakuma berries, and the largest berry distributor in the world. After the workers formed a […]

Tenant Uprising in Silicon Valley

Sandy Perry |  Issue: October | November 2015

SAN JOSE, CA — People in San Jose, California and elsewhere in the Silicon Valley area have erupted in a surge of organizing activity around skyrocketing rents and deteriorating housing. Their desperation had been building for years and finally reached a tipping point in May, motivating Downtown Councilmember Raul Peralez to release a memo calling […]

Will the Catholic Church Base Itself in the ‘Dispossessed?’

El Papa animó a muchos inmigrantes
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: October | November 2015

  Pope Francis calls for putting the poor and the planet first. What does it mean? A pope who speaks for the poor and the planet and says he wants to clean house in the Catholic Church, getting rid of the glitz and glamour and putting priests back on the street in sandals. What does […]

Pope to Sister Norma: ‘I love you!’

Juan Torres |  Issue: October | November 2015

He singles out Texas nun to thank for ministering to immigrants In the spirit of solidarity in respect of human rights for immigrant families, Pope Francis made a virtual visit via satellite to three American cities — Los Angeles, Chicago, and McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.

Why are U.S. Born Children Denied Birth Certificates?

Niños ciudanos negados actas de nacimiento
Jose Torres  |  Issue: October | November 2015

  WESLACO, TX — The state of Texas is already practicing Donald Trump’s and other candidates’ proposals to deny citizenship to U.S. born children whose parents are undocumented. The children’s parents are undocumented and do not have the documents the state of Texas suddenly decided to require. The old regulations said that a registration, driver’s […]