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Archive: November | December 2013

Robots in the fields

Robots in the fieldsphoto
Sal Sandoval  |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

    Robots promise a wonderful world, but for whom? A wine-grape pruning robot that does the job of manual labor at half the cost. A strawberry-picking robot that works day and night, though still slower than human pickers. A lettuce-thinning machine in development that can do the job 20 to 40 times faster than […]

Robotic Technology – the Dilemma

Robotic Technology – the Dilemma photo
Editors  |  Issue: Volumen 40, Numero 5

  Like Pandora’s Box once opened, the inexorable progression of robotic labor-replacing technology in the fields is leaving us with a dilemma. Do we try to stop or slow down robotization, as did some workers who destroyed factories or machinery during early capitalism? Do we blame and attack the foreign worker, as has happened so […]

Robots promise a wonderful world, but for whom?

Robots promise a wonderful world, but for whom? photo
Editors  |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  The media talk about the wonders of robots and computers, bringing a wonderful world — But for whom? Today humanity is in an epoch of social revolution, revolutionized by microchips, computers and all their derivatives. The cover story, “Robots in Fields” (pages 8) talks about:  A wine-grape pruning robot doing the job at half […]

California grants drivers licenses to the undocumented

California grants drivers licenses to the undocumented photo
Editors  |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  Jubilation in the Latino community greeted Gov. Brown’s signing of a new law which will permit California again to issue drivers licenses to undocumented residents of the state. On Oct. 3, 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law AB 60, which grants undocumented immigrants access to apply for driver’s licenses. However those licenses will […]

Driver’s Licenses, a positive step, but the struggle continues

Driver’s Licenses, a positive step, but the struggle continues photo
Editors  |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  While happiness is undoubtedly the only possible response to the new California drivers license law, one can’t help asking whether there is potentially a dark cloud behind California’s sunshine. To take advantage of the new law, undocumented immigrants must, of course, register with the state, thereby informing them of their exact residence address. Not […]

Driving While Latina

Susan Lamont |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  One family’s story of deportation and separation Rudy’s children are wearing diapers at night, though he says they are “too old” for that. His youngest daughter, age three, won’t sleep alone. Their mother, Rudy’s wife Raquel, was deported 20 months ago, leaving behind an anguished husband and five traumatized children. Twenty-nine years ago, at […]

Andy Lopez, 2000-2013

Andy Lopez, 2000-2013 |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  Community erupts after deputy kills 13-year-old carrying a toy gun Drum beats and Aztec dancers led hundreds of chanting people on an evening march from the Latino neighborhood of Roseland to the downtown square of Santa Rosa, California, October 30. They demanded justice for the killing of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by sheriff’s deputy Erick […]

Andy deserves a broader justice than just dealing with his killer

Editors |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

The Latino community is taking the lead, but revulsion to the police killing of 13-year-old Andy Lopez is widespread in California’s Sonoma County, where unemployment is still high following the 2008 collapse of the construction industry and where the big new employer is a gambling casino. Parents throughout the county realize that, with the police […]

Chicago Students Union: Voices that Must Be Heard

Lew Rosenbaum |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

Israel Munoz was a senior at Kelly High School in Chicago when the teachers strike broke out last September.  “Their courageous stand would change my life forever,” he said in an essay on the on-line blog, Student Voice.  “For me, this strike was as much about the students as it was about the teachers. It […]

Mexican Striking Teachers: An Example for Us All

María Jesús Estrada, PhD |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  Imagine teachers going on strike for weeks to oppose standardized testing.  Imagine teachers taking up metal pipes to defend their rights to tenure. Imagine opposing police brutality with rocks to defend critical thinking and academic freedom. To what lengths should teachers, parents, and students go to, protect their working conditions and defend their schools? […]

Education must serve the people

Editors |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

The corporations years ago declared a “crisis” in education and set about “reforming” the system to suit their needs. The only thing they care about is training the small high-tech workforce that they need to make money, and profiting from the $1.3 trillion education “market.” Parents, teachers and students are rightly concerned about the future […]

“We were told to lie”

Dave Ransom |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  The unending saga of the megabanks’ dispossession of working-class homeowners The checks have been mailed, the billions dispensed that the banks were supposed to give homeowners to redress the wrongs committed during the housing crisis. It turns out even that was a sham. If you or a friend — or a family member, a […]

Nationalize the Banks!

Editors |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

Why would Wall Street’s flagship banks so flagrantly break the law and dispossess North America’s middle class — the better-paid sector of the working class — from their homes? The answer comes from the inner workings of capitalism, today’s capitalism in particular. One of the Bank of America employees who testified in Massachusetts (see story […]

“Today for them, tomorrow for us”

Laura Garcia |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  Solidarity for the peoples of the Mountain, Guerrero, Mexico “The problem is serious and severe, particularly with the loss of crops and animals. In a few months it will become a famine. The situation presents a picture of the gravest nature due to a disaster,” said Antonio Arias to the Tribuno del Pueblo. Arias […]

Migration and Flight: the Special Case of Puerto Rico

Pedro Angel Rivera |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  “A Nation Takes Flight” read the headline in Puerto Rico’s largest circulating newspaper—a massive flight of over half a million Puerto Ricans during the first half of the 2000 decade.  The result has been a threefold increase in the growth of the Puerto Rican population in the United States as compared to the Island’s. […]

Immigrants Demand Dignity and Respect

Comité Latino del Valle de Coachella, California, Augusto Rocha, rochaaugusto10@yahoo.com |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

  Once again, the Comité Latino of the Coachella Valley came out fighting for immigration reform. Activists from the Comité and Occupy Coachella Valley started getting ready at 3:00 a.m. to go to Hollywood to demand an immigration reform that reflects dignity and respect for immigrants. The Comité made it’s presence felt in the center […]

Subscription Drive during the month of November

 |  Issue: Volume 40, Number 5

The Tribuno del Pueblo is your paper!
 100% volunteer staff. 100% donor funded. What we stand for We understand that the problem is the economic system, capitalism that is driven by the thirst for maximum profit. This is why we are united on the premise that human rights are above any man maybe law, and […]