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Archive: November | December 2012

The Lesson of the 2012 Election

The Lesson of the 2012 Electionphoto
EDITORIAL  |  Issue: November | December 2012

The Parties of the Oligarchy Are Dividing Us. We Need a Party of Our Own. Obama, Romney, Democrats, Republicans—what do we learn from the froth of the 2012 election that will help us win our struggles for jobs, housing, health care, the environment, the rights of immigrants, and everything else we are fighting for? The […]

Latino Vote – Today and Tomorrow

Latino Vote – Today and Tomorrow photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: November | December 2012

With immigration and jobs being the main issues on their minds in this election, Latinos overwhelmingly voted Democratic to elect Obama for yet another term. As regards immigration, the choice was meager at best. Romney’s rhetoric has been hardline and uncompromising, holding out no hope of amnesty. With Obama’s Deferred Action decree, and his promise […]

In memory of a compañero in struggle…

In memory of a compañero in struggle… photo
Pedro Angel Rivera  |  Issue: November | December 2012

Just two months ago, on the 6th of August of this year, we lost our compañero in struggle Ricardo Campos Orta. The loss of Ricardo is also a moment to recall the benefit that his life meant for many. It is an extremely fertile occasion to harvest the lesson that his living legacy leaves in […]

Nicaragua: The struggle continues

Nicaragua: The struggle continues photo
Benjamin Wood  |  Issue: November | December 2012

The first decade of Sandinista rule was characterized by war against reactionary forces, certain abuses of power by military leaders, an investment in literacy, culture, and health, and an unhealthy degree of compliance with transnational entities such as the IMF. In 1990 the Nicaraguan electorate voted out the revolutionary party and elected Violeta Chamorro Barrios, […]


MEXICALI, MEXICO—Deported Migrants HOTEL photo
Laura Garcia  |  Issue: November | December 2012

MEXICALI, MEXICO—Night after night dozens of migrants emerge from the shadows and cross the streets of downtown to reach the Hotel del Migrante, home to deportees from the U.S. The Hotel del Migrante is two blocks from the International Border between Mexicali and Calexico. The hotel’s doors were opened in 2010 by its founder and […]

The Elephant in the Room

Dave Ransom |  Issue:

Neither Romney or Obama Faced the Real Economic Problem—Making Life’s Basics a Right This year’s presidential election was all about the economy, specifically how to create good-paying jobs. But the candidates ignored the elephant in the room—the increasingly sophisticated robots now replacing workers in industry after industry. In the heat of the campaign, Republican candidate […]

The Rise of the Robot Workers!

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

Sophisticated robots have been replacing thousands of workers in production jobs for some time now. But only recently has this earthshaking change been given serious attention in the press. The shift is too big and too obvious to keep hidden any more—not when the Chinese company that assembles the iPhones using the world’s lowest paid […]

The World’s Prophetic Voices

Dave Ransom |  Issue:

When two poets in a small California town can spark a weekend of 800 coordinated cultural events in 115 different countries, you know there’s a movement under way. This is year two of that phenomenon, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, held on and around September 29—and the movement is rapidly breaking its bounds, up from […]

Pilar Rodriguez

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

Pilar Rodríguez Aranda is a poet of words and video, translator and interpreter, transborder adventurer. Her work has been published in various magazines in North America, and she has received grants from the Mexican National Film Institute (IMCINE), the National Foundation for Arts and Culture (FONCA), the Morelos Cultural Institute, and the City of Austin […]

Health Care as a Human Right

Atalanta |  Issue:

As a citizen of a European country, I never wondered why health is a human right. Under my European concepts, this assumption seemed unquestionable, until I immigrated to the U.S., and I encountered a private health care system. Even though European universal health care systems are having problems and are attempting to introduce health care […]