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Archive: March | April 2014

Now What?

Now What?photo
Editors  |  Issue: March | April 2014

  With no hope for immigration reform, class unity is key No hope for immigration reform. Now what? With the end of 2013, the hopes and aspirations of the 12 million undocumented immigrants for immigration reform, of any kind, even a bad one, have died. The majority of Americans polled agree that immigration reform leading […]

Moral Mondays: A new social movement explodes

Moral Mondays: A new social movement explodes photo
Editors  |  Issue: March | April 2014

A new social movement explodes in the United States of America’s historic South, which once was the home of capitalistic slavery. Moral Monday is a protest movement, which every first Monday in the month protests injustice and class inequality in North Carolina. Beginning in April 2013, the protests grew until in February 2014, the gathering […]

Ex-Braceros Win Demand

Ex-Braceros Win Demand photo
Rosa Martha Zaráte  |  Issue: March | April 2014

  February 18, 2014—After more than 15 years of organized struggle, enduring countless attempts by the Mexican government to conceal the fraud that took place and silence the legitimate demands for payment owed to them,  the Ex-Braceros found justice, as Judge Rodrigo Mauricio Zeron de Quevedo granted federal protection for three thousand of their widows […]

Stop the Repression, Stop the Deportations

Stop the Repression, Stop the Deportations photo
Mario Lazcano, Comité Latino del Valle de Coachella, California  |  Issue: March | April 2014

  California cannot wait for comprehensive immigration reform to be approved. Since January 1, 2014, many laws came into effect that protect immigrants. The TRUST Act is the law that forbids the police from handing over to ICE or “the migra” people that are undocumented and without a criminal record. Safe Communities is poison—they have […]

Murrieta Rally

Murrieta Rally photo
Fernando Romero  |  Issue: March | April 2014

Against the Rise of ICE Raids On Wednesday, Jan. 29, we conducted a press conference outside the Border Patrol office in Murrieta, CA. in response to a rise in raids across the region. Hotline and community reports from the Coachella Valley, Riverside and the Low Desert have cited roaming Border Patrol vehicles cruising day labor […]

LUNA Emerges in Defense of Latino Rights

Michelle Córdova H. |  Issue: March | April 2014

Since the 2007 presidential election, the Latino community has heard promises of comprehensive immigration reform. Obama has positioned himself at the center of the pro-Latino discourse with his praise of Latino contributions to this country. Despite boasting about economic contributions and recognition of Latino power, immigration reform has not been delivered and the government is […]

Andy Lopez: Controlling the police becomes a major question

Dave Ransom |  Issue: March | April 2014

  It is more than four months since Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy Erick Gelhaus put seven bullets into 13-year-old Andy Lopez. The ferment in the county continues—among both Latinos and Anglos. Led by middle-schoolers, Andys Youth held a spirited march through the streets of Santa Rosa on Presidents Day, when kids were out of school. […]

I Won’t Live in Fear

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: March | April 2014

These were Victoria’s words—”I won’t live in fear of the police.” For more than one year, Victoria has courageously been working at trying to get the Merced County Jail to provide needed medical help for her husband. She explains that her husband was shot in the leg while on a car chase by a few […]

Who is“He”

Pat Rumer |  Issue: March | April 2014

The Lamentation of the Ixil Widows In Ixil Magdalena, Ana, Maria, Juana and Cecilia testify about thirty years ago the civil war The widows say he he But who is he? Why did he burn my house? Why did he kill my children my husband my father-in-law my brothers and sisters my father and mother? […]

“Forward Together – Not one step back!”

John Slallugher |  Issue: March | April 2014

  The Moral Monday Movement gathered together a growing movement across the South on February 8 in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a massive rally estimated to be between 80,000-100,000 people. Sparked by the North Carolina Moral Monday movement, the movement is spreading and growing in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and other states. The rally […]

Imagine a New California

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: March | April 2014

  Luis J. Rodriguez for California Governor Tribuno del Pueblo: What is your program to eliminate poverty? Luis J. Rodriguez: California is the richest state in the nation and the 8th largest economy in the world. Yet it has the worse poverty rate of any state—almost 24 percent. There are close to 9 million poor […]

California: Top-two Primary System

Dave Ransom |  Issue: March | April 2014

If the Republicans field enough candidates in the June primary to severely split their vote, Green Party gubernatorial candidate Luis Rodriguez could place second and face a run-off with Governor Jerry Brown. That would be an important step in the battle for a political party of, by, and for the 99 percent—as the oligarchy changes […]