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Archive: June | July 2015

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink…

Thousands protest water shutoffs
Salvador Sandoval M.D.  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  Water, once thought to be an unlimited and natural resource, now has a price tag on it. Water’s availability, and the publicly funded infrastructure to deliver it, at one time allowed for the massive development of industrial centers such as Detroit auto and Baltimore steel, and a healthy working population to operate the industry. […]

DACA & DAPA on Hold Indefinitely

Eric J. Garcia
Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  Betrayed again A few days before the Expanded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) became effective, 26 states filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States. A judge from Texas placed a hold on these two programs.  DAPA would have […]

Puerto Rico: Capitalist Enclave of Latin American Drug Trafficking Part 2 of 3

arrested for drug trafficking
Pedro A. Rivera  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  Since our first article in the series, more operations against drug trafficking gangs—or rather street operatives and gangs of pushers and hit men—continue to be carried out in the narco-territory of the Puerto Rican archipelago.  The so-called “war against drugs” continues to be featured in the Island’s news.  However, the head of the Puerto […]

#PrisonDivest National Week of Engagement

The family of Paulino Ruiz
Enlace, NWDC Resistance, Colectivo de Detenidos  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  Tacoma, WA–On April 25, at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) Resistance, Colectivo de Detenidos, and Enlace joined the 2015 #PrisonDivest National Week of Engagement. They called on all organizations and individuals to divest from owning stock in the global for-profit prison corporation, Geo Group, which owns and operates the NWDC. They were joined by […]

From Empathy to Revolution!

attending the US Social Forum
Gracie Sandoval  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  Contrary to what we may think, this country does not have a homeless problem. In fact, in East Harlem, NY many buildings are purposefully kept empty by their landlords. Foreclosed upon homes coast to coast are vacant and boarded up, now owned by banks. Therefore we don’t have a “homeless” problem. There are plenty […]

True transformation never “closes its doors”

Shamako Noble |  Issue: June | July 2015

SAN JOSE, CA — In an article written to illustrate the ridiculously rapid and uncontrollable rising rental rates in Mountain View, CA, a writer humorously laments the fact that six-figure techies are now priced out, as are gentrifiers, who are now finding it too expensive to live in the very place they helped make unaffordable. […]

Another World is Possible, Another System is Necessary

Rachel Mazzaro and Galen Tyler |  Issue: June | July 2015

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Mark your calendars! The Third U.S. Social Forum (USSF) will be taking place from June 24 to 28, 2015. This year, organizations and activists will convene in Philadelphia, PA, Jackson, MS, and San Jose, CA to build stronger relationships, collaborations, and social movements across fronts of struggle for political understanding and strategic […]

Pregnant woman killed by police

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2015

Jeanetta Riley, a pregnant homeless mother of three who suffered from emotional difficulties, was killed by police as she waved a knife outside a hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho. Seconds after their arrival, two police officers opened fire. Police say she refused their commands. Her death was ruled justifiable. Jeanetta’s family has not, so far, received […]

The Families of “Los 43” come to the U.S.

Los padres de familia y parientes de "Los 43" vistaron varios sitios de EE.UU.
Juan Torres  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  McAllen, Texas— On March 17, 2015, marching two by two, families and supporters of “Los 43”Mexican prep-college students forced to disappearance and murder in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. The march was composed of parents, clergy, lawyers, professors, pro-immigrant groupings, students, veterans and labor groups from day laborers to domestic immigrant workers. After listening to the […]

The People of Mexico and the U.S. face a Common Enemy

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: June | July 2015

Police in the U.S. and Mexico have been militarized by the U.S. government. In the 2007 Mérida Initiative the U.S. and Mexico agreed the U.S. would supply the Mexican government with weapons, allegedly to fight drug cartels. But, when parents of the 43 students taken from Ayotzinapa recently toured the U.S., the father of one […]

The Rio Grande Valley celebrates May First

workers and community from Galaxy Builders
Jose Torres  |  Issue: June | July 2015

  May 1st was celebrated in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas by about 100 workers protesting the lack of pay from apartment construction employers who built apartments for private entities. These corporations in turn rent them out under the Federal Program Section 8 to local housing authorities. Several workers employed by a sub-contractor, Pete […]

Mothers in hunger strike in Detention Center

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2015

“Free me. Free my children. We came looking for refuge, and we’re being treated like criminals.” With this cry, 78 mothers staged a hunger and work strike at the Karnes Detention Center in Karnes, Texas (a private, for-profit ICE detention center run by the global prison corporation, GEO Group Inc.). Their children’s health is deteriorating. […]