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Archive: June | July 2014

Police killings in Salinas, CA

Police killings in Salinas, CAphoto
Eduardo Castro and Jason Flores  |  Issue: June | July 2014

    The police killings of Angel Ruiz, Osman Hernandez, and Carlos Mejia in Salinas, CA—all within the last three months—led to protests by more than 1,000 people on the streets of east Salinas on May 22. Police officers shot both Hernandez and Mejia allegedly in response to threats they posed to the public while […]

First American Banned from Internet: Rev. Edward Pinkney

First American Banned from Internet: Rev. Edward Pinkney photo
from the Editors  |  Issue: June | July 2014

While Latinos aren’t surprised that the US government would use terrorist tactics, Americans are just learning this. Continuing a long history of oppression of South America, in July 2013, the US government in a warlike move against Bolivia forced down a plane carrying the president, Evo Morales. They didn’t do this by sending fighter jets […]

General G. Baker – September 6th, 1941-May 18th, 2014

General G. Baker – September 6th, 1941-May 18th, 2014 photo
from the Editors  |  Issue: June | July 2014

    On The Death of Comrade General G. Baker After a prolonged illness, Comrade General Baker has died. As an internationally known and respected revolutionary, much has been and will be written about his life and contributions. Gen was one of the era’s most effective revolutionaries. Through the centuries of struggle for the freedom […]

General Gordon Baker, Jr., A Revolutionary

General Gordon Baker, Jr., A Revolutionary photo
from the Editors  |  Issue: June | July 2014

General Gordon Baker, Jr., a revolutionary, labor and human rights advocate was born into this world on September 6, 1941. Some of Gen’s first encounters with social injustices occurred during family trips from Detroit to Georgia. He spoke of not being able to stop at public restrooms or eat at restaurants during the long drive […]

Leader of “Bad Ass Moms” Speaks Out

Leader of “Bad Ass Moms” Speaks Out photo
Leslie Willis  |  Issue: June | July 2014

  CHICAGO, IL—“How can you celebrate anything when you kill schools and over-test our children… Stop threatening students and teachers, stop over-testing and closing schools… stop making it rain with our tax dollars!” These words took aim at Mayor Rahm Emmanuel at a public event on March 4 to celebrate Chicago’s 177th birthday. Rousemary Vega, […]

“To Protect and to Serve”: Which side are they on?

from the Editors |  Issue: June | July 2014

The ongoing rash of police killings ranging from Salinas, Santa Rosa, San Francisco to Oakland, Fullerton, Albuquerque, and Anaheim, represents a clear and heartless message to the American people. Besides leaving behind a trail of blood, and broken and grieving families and communities, the killings show that Americans of all hues and backgrounds are increasingly […]

Six Cleveland, OH police officers charged in fatal shooting

from the Editors |  Issue: June | July 2014

Some police killings are so blatant they can’t be covered up. A federal prosecutor has charged one officer with manslaughter and 5 others with misdemeanors. Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were each shot 23 to 24 times after a 20-mile police chase involving 104 Cleveland officers, at speeds up to 110 miles per hour, ending […]

California Drought

Salvador Sandoval M.D |  Issue: June | July 2014

This has been the driest year in recorded history. The Sierra snowpack is 12% of normal. Delta water may be unavailable for many Central Valley farmers. In some counties ground levels are sinking as groundwater is pumped out. With fields left unplanted, up to 20,000 farm workers won’t have work this year. School districts will […]

The Rise of Civil Disobedience: Why?

John Slaughter |  Issue: June | July 2014

  In North Carolina a growing movement has arisen to confront a government and political structure that are standing in the way of the people receiving even the most basic necessities of life. In the course of their protests and demands for justice and a moral society, over 900 were arrested. These acts of civil […]

Coachella Valley

Chuck Parker |  Issue: June | July 2014

  150 people from the community came together for a march in Indio, CA to demand an end to deportations in the Coachella Valley. Organized by the Comite Latino, the march included entire families with their children, students from local schools and colleges, members of local churches, farm workers, labor organizations and even two champion […]

San Bernardino, CA

Fernando Romero |  Issue: June | July 2014

On May Day, 2014, the streets of Downtown San Bernardino rang with the voices of hundreds of people of all ages from communities and organizations all over the Inland Empire, in a unified, urgent call to action. Music and chants created a festive atmosphere, while strong messages from diverse speakers emphasized that now is the […]

One Day Strike At Walmart Stores Nationwide

Chuck Parker |  Issue: June | July 2014

On June 4th the courageous workers of the Our Walmart organization continued their three-year campaign by staging a one day unfair labor practice strike against Walmart stores all over the country. According to one of the strike leaders, “We are on ULP strike to stop retaliation, fair wages, affordable benefits, and respect for all of […]

Washington State: Statement from Hunger Strikers

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: June | July 2014

On May 1st, a 30-day hunger strike came to a conclusion. It had a prelude of 72 hours of fasting begun on March 27th. The fortifications, the walls that attempted to contain our participation, have cracked, and with ever growing unity we will finish knocking them down; the voice they initially struggled to filter out […]

TV series exposes truth of life on the Borderland

Robin Yeamans |  Issue: June | July 2014

  From April 13, weekly through May The TV show “Borderland” literally had six US citizens repeat the journey of migrants from Mexico and Central America, and in that process some citizens’ attitudes towards the undocumented were changed. At the beginning the Americans were shown the reality of the battle on the border—a visit with […]