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Archive: July | August 2013

Global Working Class Unity

Global Working Class Unityphoto
By the Editors  |  Issue: July | August 2013

  On May 1st, thousands of workers took to the streets, not only here in the U.S. but worldwide, to pay homage to International Workers Day. Here in the U.S. the issues of immigrant rights and labor rights fused under one banner: Human Rights. More and more workers, regardless of race or nationality are understanding […]

Immigration Reform and the New Technology

Immigration Reform and the New Technology photo
From the Editors  |  Issue: July | August 2013

  With the American Dream becoming a nightmare even for the native-born, what can immigrants expect? Today’s immigration debates are occurring in an environment of enforced austerity at home, where even previously comfortable U.S- born workers are being sacrificed to corporate profits. At the same time, the globalization of capitalism is displacing millions from their […]

HARVEST OF EMPIRE: A History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez

HARVEST OF EMPIRE: A History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez photo
Reviewed by Chuck Parker  |  Issue: July | August 2013

  This is probably the best book that you could read to understand the current debate over immigration reform. It shows how the migrant flow has always been tied to the growth of the U.S. Empire in Latin America, either due to a political or military intervention (Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorans, and Nicaraguans) or to an […]

Mexico and U.S. Cooperate to Eliminate the Border — But Only For Corporations

Mexico and U.S. Cooperate to Eliminate the Border — But Only For Corporations photo
Robin Yeamans  |  Issue: July | August 2013

  The U.S. and Mexican governments are together not only erasing the border for corporations but actually restructuring their entire governments to meet the needs of the new robotic-electronic global economy.  Everything is being changed, and even what were thought to be fundamental rights are being eliminated. In the U.S. immigration reform debate, Republicans and […]

Hedge Funds — The American Nightmare

Hedge Funds — The American Nightmare photo
Rodolfo F. Acuña  |  Issue:

  When I was growing up, relatives talked incessantly about retirement, which generally meant going to live with a daughter and her family. When social security kicked in, some older relatives became more independent, especially those who had bought a home and paid it off. They could rent out a room or two to a […]

Immigration a Direct Result of Globalization

From the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2013

If there’s a thread running through this issue, it is globalization, its effects, physical, material and spiritual, on the working masses in the Western Hemisphere — North, Central and South America. The effects of globalization are wearing on our soul — how many news reports are we going to see of immigrants caught in the […]

“Every social process moves to the beat of consciousness”

Interview by Laura Garcia |  Issue: July | August 2013

  Laura Garcia, editor of the Tribuno del Pueblo, had the privilege of talking with Father Alejandro Solalinde who headed a Caravan through the U.S. to denounce the brutality suffered by migrants from Central and South America. He gives perspective on the importance of the development of consciousness in part one below. In part two, […]

May 1st Biggest in San Jose

Peggy Ewell |  Issue: July | August 2013

  Unified Behind Their Demands, as Many as 20,000 March One of the largest May First immigrant-and-labor-rights marches in the country was in San Jose, California this year. As many as 20,000 people marched the three miles from the East Side to San Jose City Hall downtown. The march was a success because every organization […]

Southern California: Our Walmart Launches Ride for Respect Caravan

Chuck Parker |  Issue: July | August 2013

  In a beautiful celebration of unity, courage, and determination, Walmart associates from all over Southern California gathered together at a dinner at the AME Zion Church in the heart of Los Angeles on May 16 to announce their Ride For Respect caravan to the Walmart stockholders’ meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas on June 7. They […]

The Opportunity to Live in Peace

From the Editors |  Issue: July | August 2013

The Tribuno del Pueblo recently interviewed Jose Sandoval, director of Voluntarios de la Comunidad in San Jose, California. Tribuno del Pueblo: What was the most important success of the May 1 march in San Jose? Jose Sandoval: The participation of so many people was beautiful. They let their feelings be known about immigration reform. They […]

Monopoly Press

David Ransom |  Issue: Julio | Agosto 2013

  With a population of 7.5 million in more than a hundred cities and counties and a cosmopolitan reputation, the San Francisco Bay Area sports a vibrant free press of independent newspapers, right? Guess again. In Marin, the Independent Journal is not independent. Its masthead states clearly that it is “Part of the Bay Area […]

The New Mainstream Press

Dave Ransom |  Issue: July | August 2013

When the news got out that the billionaire Koch brothers were trying to buy the Los Angeles Times and other major newspapers, an alarm went out across the United States. The two oil-and-chemical industrialists are well known for having quietly bankrolled the right-wing, anti-immigrant Tea Party. And at a recent meeting with other deep-pocket investors, […]

JUSTICE: Full Rights for Immigrant Workers on May Day

Gloria Meneses Sandoval |  Issue: July | August 2013

  A statement of Gloria Meneses Sandoval, Secretary of Immigration, for the Green Shadow Cabinet on May Day, 2013 . The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744), is an 844 page document presented by the so-called “Gang of 8” – consisting of four Democrats and four Republican Senators. The […]

Green Shadow Cabinet on Immigration

Interview by El Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: Julio | Agosto 2013

TP: Could you explain to our audience what the Green Shadow Cabinet is? GMS: It is an idea borrowed from Mexican and some European counterparts to show resistance and opposition to the established and moneyed interests who have bought, stolen, or swindled their way into elected office. By providing timely responses to current events we […]

Coachella Valley —Leaders Mobilize for a Just Immigration Reform

Chuck Parker |  Issue: July | August 2013

  Coachella Valley activists and organizations continue to mobilize the community on comprehensive immigration reform. On International Workers Day, May 1st, Comité Latino and other community organizations and residents gathered together in Palm Springs to march and deliver the 5,400 signatures supporting immigration reform to Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz. Minutes before the initiation of the […]