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Archive: January | February 2014

The Stage of Civil Disobedience

The Stage of Civil Disobediencephoto
Salvador Sandoval, M.D.  |  Issue: January | February 2014

  All around the country day laborers and largely immigrant youth are challenging the authorities and “business as usual.” Whether chaining themselves to the undercarriages of deportation buses or to the White House fences, fasting, praying publicly, or protesting, they are demonstrating their disapproval of the White House’s and Congress’ inability to advance immigration reform. […]

Why the Congressional Inaction on Passing Immigration Reform?

Why the Congressional Inaction on Passing Immigration Reform? photo
Editors  |  Issue: January | February 2014

    Congress’ failure to pass immigration reform — and President Obama’s unwillingness to issue an executive order ending deportations — are splitting the immigration-rights movement and turning many activists against both corporate-backed political parties, Democrats as well as Republicans. What some advocates of a just immigration reform want included, others want excluded — such […]

Stop Deportations

Stop Deportations photo
Mario Lazcano, Comité Latino, Coachella, CA  |  Issue: January | February 2014

The year 2013 was a year of hope for 11 million undocumented in the United States. The Senate approved an immigration reform with a way to citizenship.  What the Senate approved contains a very long path to legalization, with very tough conditions to reach the hope of a green card. To please the extremist anti-immigrants […]

Why do revolutionaries need a press?

Why do revolutionaries need a press? photo
Editors  |  Issue: January | February 2014

We are sometimes asked “Why do revolutionaries need a press?” The answer has to do with this moment in history. People are struggling just to get the basic necessities of life. Historical forces beyond anyone’s control have set the stage for a new society to be built, but from this point on, how things turn […]

Taking Food from the Mouths of Babes

Taking Food from the Mouths of Babes photo
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: January | February 2014

  Congress’s food-stamp cuts add to the hunger of women, children, and old people. Without lifting a finger, just letting past legislation run out, Congress accomplished a $5 billion cutback of the food-stamp program (SNAP) last November. And as Democrats and Republicans left Washington for Christmas, they were squabbling over not whether, but how much […]

The Role of Young People Today

Editors |  Issue: January | February 2014

We thank the authors of the essays on these pages for joining the battle of ideas. Last year Professor Brandee Strickland requested that the Tribuno del Pueblo publish essays from these young people. The board agreed to, and asked that they comment on their aspirations for their generation. Below are excerpts from their essays. The […]

‘Youth have to Create’

Etienne Tomasa |  Issue: January | February 2014

Etienne Tomasa (Etienne.Tomasena@ense3.grenoble-inp.fr) Exchange student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Undergraduate student at Grenoble INP, France The world today is driven by a capitalist economy in which money and personal benefit are thought to be more important than the conditions of other human beings.  Thus, societies are increasingly individualistic. I have a […]

The Role of Young People Today

Iskra Abello |  Issue: January | February 2014

  Iskra Abello , Undergraduate student at the University of Concepción, 8th Region, Chile According to experts, one of the underlying traits of young people is their desire to change the world and their passionate ideas.   Those of us who have passed through young adulthood, or who are living it now, know that it is […]

Creating a Culture of Life Long Learners

Jennifer Van Hove- Nagtegaal |  Issue: January | February 2014

Jennifer Van Hove- Nagtegaal, Open studies student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada I find myself at an interesting stage in life; I have developed a wisdom that comes with passing nearly three decades on this earth, but at the same time I realize that I have so much yet to learn.  This […]

Human Rights: A Worldwide Problem

Martin Rivera |  Issue: January | February 2014

Martin Rivera (martin__rivera@hotmail.com), Undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Humanity has undergone many drastic changes throughout history.  However, it is important to emphasize that some degree of evolution has occurred, such as the implementation of regimes based on liberal democracy. New generations have adopted liberal democracy, a doctrine in which we […]

My Dreams for the Next Generation

Nzingha Austin |  Issue: January | February 2014

Nzingha Austin (nzingha.aj@gmail.com), Master of Education student at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada The polar ice caps have begun to melt rapidly, and the levels of the ocean are rising.  In some areas, smog covers cities like a carpet and the people inhale toxic air.  I am sorry for my children and grandchildren […]

Fresno Youth at Forefront

Eduardo Castro |  Issue: January | February 2014

Fresno, CA On 12/23/13 five members of the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance and I were chained to ladders blocking the exit to the Fresno county jail. We did this to prevent vans from taking undocumented persons from the jail to ICE detention facilities for deportation. We stayed there chained for several hours. Our demand […]

Low-wage workers point the way forward!

Editors |  Issue: January | February 2014

Familias Unidas por la Justicia and the embattled Walmart workers are a symbol of hope and the combativeness of the working class. In 2013 these workers, the lowest and most vulnerable sector of the work force, stood up for dignity and better working conditions in their workplaces. This movement can only grow, reaching broader sectors […]

Farmworkers stand up against Sakuma Berry Farms Owners

Comité de Familias Unidas por la Justicia y Dignidad |  Issue:

    The struggle for dignity and workers’ rights of Familias Unidas por la Justicia at Sakuma Farms, still on in spite of the winter. The 300 plus Triqu-i and Mixteco-speaking farmworkers and their families have gone back to their home in the San Joaquin Valley. But the struggle continues in the form of “Boycott […]

Workers Fighting for Positive Change OUR WALMART

Rommy Pinney, OUR WALMART Organizer |  Issue: January | February 2014

The workers at Walmart – through their organization OUR WALMART – have just completed three years of continuous and constant struggle to make Walmart listen to their demand that the corporation treat them better. They have been able to continue their actions undeterred on a national level. The original actions three years ago that launched […]

Roadblocks in North Carolina

Melissa Hassard |  Issue: January | February 2014

The state’s unpopular General Assembly is making it hard for people without health insurance to get it One out of every six people in North Carolina doesn’t have health insurance — the people least able to pay for doctors, medicine, and hospitals when they need them. And that’s not counting the undocumented immigrants. Bucking the […]

Ames School in Jeopardy

Andy Willis |  Issue: January | February 2014

  CHICAGO— I started off at the wrong meeting. A staff person at Ames school sent me to a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) meeting upstairs.  I soon knew I was not where I was supposed to be. Where were the angry parents? I found them downstairs with a Mr. Conner from the CPS who had […]

‘Justice for Andy’

Shepherd Bliss |  Issue: January | February 2014

  Multiracial Mothers in White hold mirrors to ‘moral crisis’ in deputy’s killing of California 13-year-old On Christmas Eve, many families gather to celebrate and exchange gifts. But what do you do when a beloved young member of your family has been killed just two months before? This past Christmas Eve, a group in Santa […]

Economy Places Latinos and Anglos Shoulder to Shoulder

Dave Ransom |  Issue: January | February 2014

“There are people here who I’ve never been in a meeting with before,” a long-time Latino youth worker said to the Anglo church leader who had just introduced himself. They were attending a meeting of the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez in the small city of Santa Rosa, the heart of California’s “wine country.” But […]

Demilitarizing our communities – Reflecting on 20 years of NAFTA

Pedro Ríos |  Issue: January | February 2014

For two decades a human rights crisis has unfolded along the U.S.-Mexico border without outright indignation from the general public, much less from public officials responsible for public policy.  Thousands perish in their attempts to cross into the United States, many of whom remain unknown because their remains are unrecognizable.  Human rights advocates began tracking […]