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Archive: February | March 2011

ICE Runs Amok

ICE Runs Amokphoto
by Margarito Diaz  |  Issue: February / March 2011

Obama’s E-Verify and I-9 audits are worse than Bush’s raids and must be stopped ICE’s workplace attacks are continuing under the Obama administration, and they are threatening everybody’s rights. Throughout the United States, hundreds of thousands of families are being uprooted, torn apart, and destroyed. The tragedy is due to the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the […]

Middle East Turmoil Shows Resistance to Global Capitalism

Middle East Turmoil Shows Resistance to Global Capitalism photo
EDITORIAL  |  Issue: February / March 2011

The events the world is currently witnessing in the streets of Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, and Egypt indicate a fundamental shift in the revolutionary change sweeping the Arab world. The Tunisian revolution succeeded in ousting a dictator supported by the U.S. oligarchy. Days later, the Egyptian revolution erupted, threatening the imperial interests of the U.S. […]

The Talk About a ‘Tequila Party’

The Talk About a ‘Tequila Party’ photo
by El Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: February / March 2011

We need a new party. But one for the whole working class, not just Latinos. Headlines have appeared in major mainstream media about the forming of a “Tequila Party.” This party is not a crazy idea coming from some college students. It’s a serious proposal coming from some Latino leaders in the Democratic Party. What […]

After Arizona Assassination Attempt

After Arizona Assassination Attempt photo
por Presente.org  |  Issue: February / March 2011

“Empower our communities and stand strong together” (Editor’s note: The Tribuno del Pueblo received the following letter – excerpted here – shortly after the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in early January.) Saturday’s tragedy [January 8, 2011] in Arizona was a shock for many. As a nation we need to have a much-needed conversation […]

The Immigration-Rights Movement Must Find a New Strategy

The Immigration-Rights Movement Must Find a New Strategy photo
by the Editors  |  Issue: February / March 2011

In late January, ICE announced the formation of a new unit to expand the I-9 audits – additional agents dedicated to intensifying the “silent raids.” They will oversee the terrorization and persecution of millions of undocumented workers and their families and communities. This continued persecution engenders an immigration policy that is subject to mob rule […]

Imagine Not Having To Worry About Finding A Job

by Bob Lee |  Issue:

Millions of people losing their jobs, millions of lives devastated. People losing everything, and ending up homeless. As someone put it, it’s a shock knowing that your talents and skills are dispensable. We don’t truly realize how much work gives meaning to our lives in this kind of society until we don’t have it.

International Women’s Day

by Robin Yeaman |  Issue:

We all like holidays: Kids get out of school, and adults have a day off. Having a special day gets people to talk and think about the holiday’s subject. But when you get a whole month, there’s no holiday. The government controls what days are holidays, and it carefully avoids the ones that would connect […]

Women Leaders

Interview |  Issue:

ELENA HERRADA What has inspired you to fight for the working people?; Elena Herrada: I come from working people; my father, my grandfather, both of them retired from Chrysler and the UAW, where my daughter Elisa now works. We’re intelligent. We’re working people. We’re Chicanos. My grandfather inspired me with his stories from the Mexican […]

Social Activists Murdered in Ciudad Juárez

by El Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

“My blood, blood of dawn, blood of a divided moon, blood of silence…” – Poem “Sangre” by Susana Chávez Juárez Femicide Activist, Susana Chávez Castillo was murdered on January 6, 2011.

Black History Month – United we stand, divided we fall

by Sal Sandoval |  Issue:

Latinos and African-American workers have much in common. During African-American History Month, it is important for Latinos to understand how slavery and the experience of African- Americans has shaped the history of our adopted country, the United States of America. This becomes particularly important in light of currently stalled immigration reform and unbridled anti-immigrant hysteria.