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Archive: May | June 2011


May Day – TAX THE RICHphoto
by Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: May / June 2011

May Day 2011 was different than other years, this year ties of solidarity, as one class of workers, was more broadly displayed than other years. This year the immigrant marches, almost in every city were joined by the newest sectors of workers under attack, the state and city employees. In recent months we have seen […]

May Day 2011: Which Way Forward?

May Day 2011: Which Way Forward? photo
EDITORIAL  |  Issue: May / June 2011

When will we have immigration reform? Why is organized labor under attack? Again this May 1st, we marched and rallied for immigration reform. We marched and rallied against the attacks on the ethnic studies program in Arizona. We marched against enacting anti-union laws in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. But after the rallies […]

‘Let’s dig ourselves out of these ruins!’

‘Let’s dig ourselves out of these ruins!’ photo
Jesse China  |  Issue: May / June 2011

‘The movement has begun – the question is, “Who will step up?” I might never know the real reason of my being. But I’m confident enough to say that I have always followed my heart, hoping to one day find the motive of my existence. I’m proud to be a part of the struggle – […]

New Orleans Workers Take to the Streets

New Orleans Workers Take to the Streets photo
by Jordan Flaherty  |  Issue: May / June 2011

For the fifth year in a row, workers from the Congress of Day Laborers, STAND with Dignity, and the Alliance of Guestworkers for Dignity organized a Mayday march through downtown New Orleans. Among other organizations represented were ROC New Orleans and the Teamsters Union. The march began and ended with speeches by workers and their […]

Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer photo
by John Slaughter  |  Issue: May / June 2011

A full-scale campaign is underway to criminalize and demonize the immigrant population in Georgia. The corporatist political elite campaigned in the last election on a promise to pass an Arizona-style anti-immigrant law. Now a series of at least nine bills is making its way through the legislature, and already the politicians are boasting that Georgia […]

May 1st – Made in the U.S.A.

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

Countries all over the world celebrate May 1st as the workers’ holiday – except the United States, even though the roots of May Day are deep in American history. In 1886, the new, young American Federation of Labor (AFL) was seeking the spark that would ignite the labor movement. Sensing that it was the demand […]

The politics of immigration

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

Georgia Legislators said that the purpose of their bill was to transfer the work done by undocumented immigrants to the rest of the workforce. But, in fact, the real purpose of the bill is to divide and conquer — setting worker against worker — and it will hurt all workers in Georgia, whatever their status. […]

Neighborhoods being demolished

Dave Ransom |  Issue:

Wall Street benefits from destruction of working-class homes All across the Rust Belt, cities are tearing down working-class housing — in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland, Detroit. Nearly $2 billion in federal money is being used to raze homes that have been left vacant because of the economic crisis. A generation ago, the Rust Belt — […]

‘Letting these houses sit empty is not ethical’

by Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue:

“Just letting these houses sit empty while there are people freezing to death on the streets is not ethical,” Rachel Nartin told the Financial Times in February. Nartin and four other homeless people  have been squatting in a vacant house in Rochester, N.Y. They share the expenses for utilities and repairs. Rochester itself has taken […]