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Archive: December | January 2017

Nothing new, just hypocrisy has been thrown out the window

2016 Elections protest
Marú Mora Villalpando  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  Editors’ note: Marú Mora Villalpando is a pro-immigrant right activist in Washington State. After years of activity in defense of the rights of the undocumented immigrant, she herself came out and announced her status. In 2013 she joined the local #Not1More deportation campaign to plan a civil disobedience action. On Feb 24, 2014, she […]

2016: An Election Like No Other

2016 protestas de eleciones
Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  The U.S. has entered a political crisis. The oligarchy is attempting to divide us. We can win only if we unite. “Not my president!” With this slogan, thousands of people from New York to California, Minnesota to Texas — men and women, young and old, Latino, African American, and Anglo —have taken to the […]

Holiday jobs are going to the bots

2016 Election, workers and protests
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, FedEx, UPS are in a race to robotize; 80% cheaper If you have a holiday job this year, count yourself lucky, even though it’s temporary and doesn’t pay a helluva lot. Holiday hiring is down, and it will most likely drop again next year. Don’t blame the workers in China or […]

Robots: the end of jobs, the beginning of plenty

Dave Ransom |  Issue: December | January 2017

It is finally hitting the national psyche that the rise of the robots means the end of jobs — and maybe of society as we currently know it. Techies like Martin Ford, who wrote the book “The Rise of the Robots,” have been predicting this for some time. So, for instance, has the League of […]

Obama, Clinton, Trump always serve the super-rich, never the oppressed

Miles Forrest, UC Santa Barbara student |  Issue: December | January 2017

Barack Obama ran on a platform of protecting whistleblowers, instituting a universal healthcare system, and immigration reform. In the eight years since his inauguration, precisely none of that has taken place. Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning continues to be confined in conditions that even the United Nations has called a violation of her human rights. Health care […]

Workers United Members Join Standing Rock Water Protectors

Water Protectors
Micaela Castro  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  STANDING ROCK, ND ― On November 12, I traveled to Standing Rock with members of my union, Workers United. As you get closer to Standing Rock you begin seeing more than 100 flags flying over the land. They represent more than 100 indigenous tribes throughout North America. Here in Standing Rock there are people […]

Abused Merced inmates launch 10-day hunger strike for their rights

Gloria M. Sandoval |  Issue: December | January 2017

“[Jail] is not supposed to be a comfortable place.” They’re not going to get recliners, he said. If they want that, they can stay out of trouble.” (Sheriff Vern Warnke, Merced Sun-Star August 13, 2016) “We didn’t know if my dad was dead or alive,” said 13-year old Jeremiah after his mother, Victoria, received a […]

Water — a human right or private property?

California water struggle
Salvador Sandoval MD, MPH  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  Despite California having the first law in the United States declaring water to be a human right, the situation is growing worse as the state enters its fifth year of drought. And the situation is the worst for the most vulnerable, the largely Latino farm laborers and their families in the predominantly agricultural Central […]

Hidalgo County voters beat rich politicos for 2nd time

Condado de Hidalgo
José Torres  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  Hidalgo County voters have shown the rich politicos that we are united against higher taxes. The rich politicos had lost once in 2014 by a larger margin (111,000 voted no; 44,000 voted yes). They supposed we had not been properly “educated” about the issue so they introduced it again. They insisted on this proposition […]

Free Ramsey Muñiz:

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: December | January 2017

There are certain myths about the United States that need to be exploded. One such myth says that there are no political prisoners in this country. The fascist dictator Benito Mussolini once said that if a lie is repeated often enough it will soon be accepted as a truth. The United States claims there is […]

Ramsey Muñiz

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: December | January 2017

Ramsey Muñiz is an incarcerated Hispanic political activist who ran for governor of Texas in 1972 and 1974, each time as the nominee of the Raza Unida Party. He lost both elections to the Democrat Dolph Briscoe, a wealthy banker and landowner from Uvalde, Texas. He is the first Hispanic to have his name appear […]

Tribute to Ramón Chunky Sánchez (1951-2016)

Chunky Sánchez
Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  You were essential to our movement, as necessary as the colorful murals that embellish the columns of Chicano Park; the son you gave us narrated our struggle for dignity, [you were] always a conscious master interpreting the anecdotes that will be the annals of our times. Ramón Chunky Sánchez, until we disappear, you will […]

Blood in the Water

Blood in the Water
Heather Ann Thompson  |  Issue: December | January 2017

  The Attica prison uprising of 1971 and its legacy On September 9, 1971, nearly 1,300 prisoners took over the Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York to protest years of mistreatment. Holding guards and civilian employees hostage, the prisoners negotiated with officials for improved conditions during the four long days and nights that followed. […]