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Archive: April | May 2018

The youth are showing us the way

Marcha de estudiantes en Washington DC
from the Editors  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  TRAVESTY OF YET ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING The travesty of yet another mass shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has riveted the attention of the nation, not just by the extent of the carnage – 17 lives lost – but also by the unexpected and unstoppable response of that […]

Parkland, Florida: Dreamers march in solidarity with survivors of mass shooting

marchando y protestando contra la violencia armada
Sheridan Aguirre and Bruna Bouhid, United We Dream  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  On March 24, immigrant youth will march in solidarity with the courageous survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and with students across the country who are calling on Congress to protect the lives of young people and communities by enacting stricter gun control laws.     Camila Duarte, high […]

The night is darkest before the dawn

Cartoon by Eric J. Garcia
from the Editors  |  Issue: April | May 2018

Society is going through a revolutionary transformation     We live in a country and a world that are being transformed before our eyes. The America that once was seen as a beacon of hope and opportunity is quickly disappearing. Our democracy is being trampled upon. Our freedoms and the aspirations of our children are […]

In memory of a comrade, a veteran fighter for a better world: Juan Torres

Juan Torres
José Torres and Manuel Torres  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  A veteran comrade, Juan Torres, passed away in January 2018. He was born and raised in the Rio Grande “Valley of Tears.” Juan labored in the fields during his youth as an adult In the Valley and in the summers migrated north. After graduating from high school, Juan joined the Marines and achieved the […]

‘We are here, and we are not giving up.‘

Manifestación contra la separación de familias
Luz, Chicago  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  CHICAGO – The United States government had six months since September 5, 2017 to come up with a permanent solution for the Dreamers. During these six months, 22,000 DACA recipients lost their protection. While some anxiously wonder if they should put their plans on hold and return to constantly looking over their shoulders, others […]

Immigrant leader fights for her 1st amendment right

Maru fue señalada por ICE
from the Editors  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  SEATTLE, WA – Maru Mora-Villalpando, who was sent a notice to appear for a deportation hearing in December 2017 due to her “anti-ICE” organizing against immigration detention and deportations, faced her first deportation hearing on March 15 at the Seattle Immigration Court. (At this court date, Maru was given May 22nd as the date […]

Dreamer: I discovered my passion for politics and community organizing

Ada Marys |  Issue: April | May 2018

CHICAGO – When DACA was implemented, I was finally able to share with the world who I truly was. I grew encouraged to not only tell my story but also to get involved and help other Dreamers like me. I joined the DREAMers Club at my high school and eventually became president. It was through […]

Robots come to the garment trade

robots de Softwear Automation Inc.
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  Ever since the industrial revolution took making clothes out of the cottage, the textile industry — spinning yarn, weaving cloth, and making garments — has provided hot, dirty, low-wage jobs that enriched only the owners and their financiers. Whether the work was done by the children of England’s “dark, satanic mills,” by farm girls […]

The best of times, or the worst of times — our choice

Dave Ransom |  Issue: April | May 2018

“It will soon be obvious that half our tasks can be done better at almost no cost by AI (artificial intelligence) and robots,” wrote venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee to the technology community recently. “This will be the fastest transition humankind has experienced,” he said, “and we’re not ready for it . . . not ready […]

New York Teamsters local joins sanctuary movement

Richard Monje  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  In every corner of the United States, there are horror stories emerging as Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) is captured ripping mothers and fathers from their children. They are terrorizing communities and workplaces as raids are planned and implemented without consideration for families or minors that are left at times unattended. Cities, counties and […]

Texas primaries: ‘They’re all the same’

Partidarios de DACA
José Torres and Manuel Torres  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  The Democrats all over Texas came out not in waves or bandwagons, just like any other primary election in Texas. Ever since Reconstruction minorities all over the south, Texas included, have been left out of the voting process either by fear or the poll tax. Nowadays, it’s no ID. No vote! That’s why Texas […]

California vs Trump: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra: “Bring it on!”

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: April | May 2018

Not one day goes by in California or elsewhere in the United States where you don’t hear about lawsuits being filed for one thing or another. These challenges have many interesting reasons and they are all looking to the courts to give a solution to one side or another. U.S. attorney general Jefferson Sessions has […]

No democracy in Texas

Manuel Torres |  Issue: April | May 2018

“In March, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas’ Senate Bill 4, the unjust “Sanctuary Cities Law.” The law forces elected officials, from the governor to justices of the peace, to turn immigrants over to immigration agents. Public officials (many of whom have refused to comply with the law and provide sanctuary to […]

Victory! Laura Monterrosa released

Supporters of Laura Monterrosa
from the Editors  |  Issue: April | May 2018

  As we go to press Laura Monterrosa was released from detention March 16.  Her release is the result of a months long campaign that drew support from around the country. AUSTIN —I was at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center on Saturday to support Laura Monterrosa.  She is a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from El Salvador, […]

The Janus case is a call to arms for unions

Interview by Dr. María de Jesús Estrada |  Issue: April | May 2018

Interview with President Tony Johnston, Cook County College Teachers Union Background Information: On Monday, February 26, the Supreme Court heard the Janus vs. AFSCME. Mark Janus sued AFSCME claiming that unions did not represent his political interests and that payment of Fair Share dues is a violation of free speech. The bill is supported by […]