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Archive: April | May 2015

In Chicago: A Movement not a Moment

Jesús "Chuy" García, el candidato
Richard Monje  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  CHICAGO, IL — On February 24, the workers won, and money lost. Against all odds, the workers stood firm and forced a runoff election. Neither the endorsements of President Obama and Luis Gutierrez, a war chest of over a $15 million did not help Rahm Emmanuel the contending candidate or deter the people from […]

Here come the robots

Amazon robot
Dave Ransom  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  Amazon is using thousands of robots instead of workers in its big, new California warehouses During last December’s holiday rush, Amazon had 4,000 people working in its huge Tracy, California, warehouse — along with about 3,000 state-of-the-art new robots. After Christmas, when the company laid off most of the 2,500 temps it had hired, […]

From Ferguson to the Rio Grande Valley

border militarization
Juan Torres and Manuel Torres  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  WESLACO, TX — National guards, State Police, Border Patrol, FBI and local law enforcement special taskforces are patrolling a 100-mile strip of land terrorizing the populace! Is this Ferguson, Missouri? No! It’s the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, the poorest area in the United States where the U.S. government, with the excuse that […]

Peña Nieto plans billion-dollar giveaway to global telecom giants

Tribuno Del Pueblo |  Issue: April | May 2015

Move brutally undercuts popular rights won in the Mexican Revolution When Mexican President Peña Nieto came to office, he undertook to reform the country’s major industries, one of which was telecommunications (“telecom”). Telecom includes telephones, the internet and satellite communication systems. The basis of Peña Nieto’s changes was encouraging foreign capital into Mexico to develop […]

Risking deportation for immigration reform ̶ Part II

demonstration on immigration
Reprinted from Aljazeera America  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  By the end of 2013, when other undocumented immigrants began taking actions to stop deportations, I felt I could challenge that early advice from lawyers and other activists by coming out and openly joining these actions. Once my daughter agreed with my decision to come out, we joined the local #Not1More deportation campaign to […]

Entering an era of profound change

Dave Ransom |  Issue: April | May 2015

Amazon’s replacement of human workers by robots demonstrates that we are entering an era of utter and profound change. “A whole new generation of smart technologies is taking over jobs that used to be done only by people,” ex-Secretary of Labor Robert Reich wrote recently. The Boston Consulting Group, an influential think tank, predicts that […]

Los Otros Dreamers between two countries

Hector Bolivar
Steve Teixeira  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  There’s a new movement of working class youth who’ve lived in the U.S. and México, and were abandoned by both governments.  Seeing undocumented students in the U.S. call themselves “Dreamers” for a better life, from Mexico these youth have raised their banner as L@s Otr@s Dreamers, the title of a new book which describes […]

Living on the Edge of Silicon Valley

homeless encampment
Katherine Bock  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  SAN JOSE, CA — It is clear to we who struggle to live and work in San Jose that the high tech industry we helped build no longer has any use for us.  Although we once assembled mother boards in our homes and worked in computer component factories, we, the working class of San […]

My political coming out

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: April | May 2015

I participated in the student walk-outs in East Los Angeles in 1968 as a second year UCLA student.  I was an inexperienced nineteen year old that had lived through a system without role models, with teachers who weren’t from the local community, and who were not Latino/Mexican descent nor Spanish-speaking.  I was the first of […]

Puerto Rico: Capitalist Enclave of the Latin American Drug Trade (Part 1 of 3)

business of drug trafficking
Pedro A. Rivera  |  Issue: April | May 2015

  The year 2014 had barely come to a close when the local press in Puerto Rico displayed the headlines of the arrest of the lawyer and real estate entrepreneur, Juan Ramón Zalduondo, a donor to the governing party and a member of several of its boards and committees.  He was charged with being a […]

The Illegal State

Arturo Gómez Santamaría |  Issue: April | May 2015

The influential British weekly The Economist asks in its latest issue who is responsible for the disappearance of 43 students of the Teachers College Ayotzinpa—whether it is the State or organized crime. The question would be valid if there was a clear boundary between the two, but there is not. In large areas of Mexico, […]