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Archive: April 2021

A new dawn

familia haciendo fila para recibir despensa
from the Editors  |  Issue: April 2021

Our world has been transformed. Expressing itself first as practical struggle for a decent standard of living leading to a new struggle for our survival.

The pandemic and mental health

Gloria Meneses-Sandoval |  Issue: April 2021

One of the most obvious effects of the pandemic is the loss of jobs, income, housing/evictions, no healthcare, or food insecurity.

Hutash Street: A change is coming!

Letrero de la calle Hutash
Red Condor  |  Issue: April 2021

On December 15, 2020, the city of Santa Barbara changed a street name from “Indio Muerto” (Dead Indian) to Hutash, which means Earth mother.

‘Because I’m from here’

Elena Herrada |  Issue: April 2021

I asked the woman why she was coming here (United States) and she told me she was 28 years old and she had come at age 14 with her father and brothers who were since deported. She explained that she had spent more than half of her life in Detroit. Why? “Porque soy de aquí.”

Biden’s Immigration Plan

Migrant children
Ada Marys Lorenzana  |  Issue: April 2021

On day one of his presidency, Biden announced his immigration plan titled the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021.

Haitian children deported

camisa con la palabra inmigrante impresa
Tribuno del Pueblo  |  Issue: April 2021

These deportations were carried out under Title 42, first invoked by the Trump administration after the start of the coronavirus outbreak.