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The Devil is Dancing in Texas

Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila  |  Issue: October 2021
Rally for Abortion Justice
AUSTIN, TX–It was one of the largest rallies held in Austin in recent years. The cross-section of attendees was quite diverse. This rally was part of more than 600 rallies and marches across the United States in support of reproductive rights. These “Rally for Abortion Justice” marches come as the most restrictive anti-abortion bill yet went into effect in Texas last month, which banned abortions after six weeks — before many women know they have conceived — with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Last night they pushed away hope

      The slapped decency in the face

Deep oh deep in the heart of Texas

They opened the door

They struck up

     The rotting band of death

And the devil

         Entered smiling

          Eyes hungry for

             A bit of destruction

The high priests

        Of hate

        Signed again

        A secret pact

       With the devil

With blood on their hands

         These priests

          And the acolytes

         Have embraced the worst

             Of the worst

Standing with the devil

They drank

     A double dose

    Of misery

     Denying voters rights

            Women’s rights

And there

     On this dark chapter

      Of time

These high priests

Of suppression


As the devil

Danced across

       The state of Texas

Danced across time

  Branding with

His hot iron rod

Each and every

      Denier of the sun

      Those who

      Want to destroy

           Good and

   Replace it with

   With their songs

    And laws filled

   With buckets

     Full of fear

       And hate

And allow

The devil

To prance and dance

Across the state of Texas


    We will take

Away this music

 Of insanity

Of depravity

And stop the Devil’s Dance.

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