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Is the government tracking me?

Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila  |  Issue: October 2021
Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila
Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila

Some of us out there in America fear that our government has inserted a mini microchip in the COVID vaccine. Is this true? And should we be worried? Why would the government want to place a chip in us?

I have listened with interest to the testimony of many who have claimed that the vaccine has a chip in it. And I wonder if we gave a couple of samples of the vaccine to scientists of the anti-vaxxers choosing and have them break down the vaccine and find this mystery chip. We might also want to as a part of autopsies do a search for these and other chips

Most of the people testifying about the chip seem to have lives as boring as mine and some much more boring. And I ask why would the government want to track or manage them? If they could track me, they would see that I am addicted to jalapenos and Hatch green chili. and that I get up way too early, normally about 2 to 3 a.m.

They will also so discover that I have three chickens and a rooster and that my white chicken, called banana white claims white chicken privilege.

Recently, I discovered that my family put an app in my phone so that they can track me and my phone. Has my family sold out to the government? And now they want me to wear this medical alert thing that will tell them and this national alert system when I fall. I wonder if it can tell the difference between a fall and a mugging?

For many years, I have worried about all the steroids and other chemicals that they feed animals whose meats end up on my table and about the chemicals sprayed on the vegetables and fruits that are harvested.

Over the months we have been offered some interesting alternatives to fight COVID.

One offered by then President Trump was Clorox and now some individuals are taking Ivermectin intended for animals. And these vaccine deniers have not questioned what is in this de-worming medicine. Perhaps there is a chip in this medicine that makes these animals want to line up and be slaughtered and their meat packaged for our consumption. I am told that there are many getting sick from taking that medicine. But some say that after taking the medicine they can talk to horses and cows and on occasion want to sleep with pigs.

To tell the truth, I took the Moderna vaccine and will soon take the booster shot. At my doctor’s office last week, after discussing the results of an extensive examination of my blood, I was notified that the lab did not find any microchips. My doctor suggested that I was low in Vitamin B-12 and the nurse gave me a booster shot in my left arm. Is my medical clinic wanting to insert more chips in me to control me and my credit card?

On a couple of occasions, over the years I have been in intensive care units, with so many tubes in my arms and down my throat, I wonder if they not only had put computer chips in me but by now perhaps a complete system of chips that would control all my functions.

My next start-up business will be to offer others like me who are most paranoid an intensive scanning of their bodies and a full battery of tests of their blood to see if we can find the chips and if we find the chips, we will be able to destroy them

I believe that I will need $300 million to start up this most needed business and another $50 million for insurance protection. The cost of the exam will be $10,000 and removal $20,000 for removal of the chips.

I am sharing all this with you so that you can be an initial investor and make money and save lives or a least relieve yourself of that nest egg you have been holding on to.

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