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The Death Walk

Vincent Rangel  |  Issue: June July 2021
Artwork by Vincent Rangel

The sacrifice people endure just to find or search for a better life, it’s not an easy one to make. It comes with a big price to pay. But sometimes it just takes what it has to take to insure the survival of the family. It takes lots of courage to be able to put everything in the line for their loved ones; even if it takes their own lives.

We should understand, most migrant families come for a better life and a better way of raising their kids. Is this not what we all want for all the children, and I mean all the kids around the world? Yes, a better life. What I’m trying to say here it’s that they all need a second chance to live a better life in America. It does not matter where you’re from. Remember, we are only living in borrowed time.

This could be our last chance for a better way of living together, all of us as a people. Let’s not forget, we have to work fast and return all those young kids back to their parents, whether they are here in the United States or wherever.

I believe these families should have the right to do what my grandparents and parents did in their lifetime. Or even better, what if our greatest scientists are among those migrating.

Remember God does everything for a reason.

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