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The battle against the coronavirus

Vincent Rangel  |  Issue: February 2021

The battle against the coronavirus is not going to be an easy battle to fight. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice. But the big problem here, is that a lot of Americans are not taking this serious in masking up as good Americans, like brothers and sisters should to protect each other.

The people to blame for our confusion are all those big shots that work for a few fake media on TV. Instead of push people to wear masks, they talk about things that are not helping us to prepare or even to fight the coronavirus itself.

What am I trying to say here. The past is the past and now is the present, and it’s time to rise up and find ways of how to protect us from this terrible virus. Also from the bad judgment and all this bad politicians who are getting in the way of science and scientists.

I believe if we have the greatest scientist in America and we will be ok, with god’s help, first. But let’s not lie to ourselves, for now and for a long time we will remain scared, some will emotionally damaged and to the point, where they will think, there’s no other way.

I, on the contrary believe scientist have brought us this far in technology, in medicine through history. And I still continue to believe they will pull us through this one by us listening to what they’re telling us, or even take a cure (vaccine).

Like I said there’s no other way out of this virus.

Not until they get us that perfect cocktail. We all need to survive. It’s our heritage to stand erect, and proud, and unafraid. And at the end say, ‘that’s the best I could do’.

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