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Wake up brothers and sisters. It’s time to smell the coffee

Vicente Rangel  |  Issue: October 2020

What’s going on with our government and our country is very wrong. There’s a big problem. Where are all the famous movie stars who make Hollywood movies about human rights when you need them?


There’s a movie where this Black brother in it tells the Black cop it’s just so bad you just can’t see it. I am not talking about all famous people, only the ones who can’t see what’s going on in our nation’s backyards. But fortunately, there are some who were there from the start.

Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two of the best NBA all time players, and not to forget Floyd Mayweather, one of the best all time boxers that we will ever witness. Oh, and also Michael Jordan, one of the best NBA players of all time. He has donated 100 million dollars to fight against racism.

But it would make a big difference if every movie star or famous person can come up with some words about this problem that has haunted our Black brothers and sisters for more than 400 years.

Everyone wants to make America a better place to live, but how can it be a better place to live if we don’t fix the problems with racism? If we don’t get rid of racism we would be lying to our brothers and sisters for another 400 years.


Black sisters and brothers I understand your anger and frustration – the cop ignoring my brother George Floyd begging for air. Now how the hell do the system and our elected politicians expect my brothers and sister to listen to them? Think about it. All those idiots in power, especially that man in the White House.

Let’s not be tricked. We need true leaders who will get us to that real American Dream that we’ve have been fighting and searching for. In my younger years I used to say that we need things done not just promises. It’s time to change and reform the system.

Let’s make our vote this November bring about a historic new change. It’s time to pick out all those bad apples before they start spoiling the rest.

Sisters and brothers, I have brown skin, I’m a Tex-Mex brother and I also have been a victim of discrimination. I know where you’re coming from.

Hopefully this is just a nightmare, and when I wake up we will all be united together as one person and one nation and not be judged by our color and still continue to respect our nation, our brothers and sisters and especially God’s house.

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