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Growing movement to fight for the America we can be

From the Editors  |  Issue: March 2020

What characterizes this March issue is the growing movement to right what’s wrong in the country. It begins with an editorial addressing Latino voters, especially the youth. Many say the Latino youth are galvanizing behind Bernie Sanders. But we see it the other way around, that is, it’s Bernie who is galvanizing behind the youth.

Today there’s a growing movement of the youth reflected in the Sunrise movement against climate change, the nationwide demonstrations against gun violence, the Dreamers shutdowns of government offices, the Black Lives Matter events, Bad Bunny and the “Ricky Renuncia” mobilizations in Puerto Rico – all are youth-led.

In this issue we carry stories of warriors fighting for homes and against racial environment and psychological trauma (S10), and for the Dreamers’ right of the to stay home with their families.

In terms of immigration, refugees’ and asylum seekers’ rights, the article Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA) states well its status, “More lies, more hypocrisy, more political conveniences, more subsidies…”

Baldemar Velazquez from FLOC describes the conditions of the migrants, “[They] squat near the international bridge for safety. Under constant pressure from gangs, cartels, kidnappings and rape, neighbors from their own countries huddle together in makeshift tents made out of plastic bags, sticks, and boards (See page 4).  Carlos Marentes puts migration within the right context of “an act of resistance … People are challenging the system that is waging an offensive against them.” The drawing of the children at a Tamaulipas migrant shelter is a cry for help.

Given this grave situation at the U.S. Mexico border, human rights and church based organizations and individuals have felt compelled to add their “granito de arena”, and organize a People to People Fact-Finding Delegation of the U.S.-Mexico Border from Brownsville, Texas / Matamoros, Tamaulipas to San Diego, California / Tijuana Baja California. This will take place in April 2020.

The Tribuno del Pueblo will be part of this delegation. The delegation’s aim is to highlight how injustices afflicting border communities, including deadly border walls, anti-immigrant rhetoric, children in cages, and mean-spirited eviscerating asylum procedures, are impacting migrants and border communities — and why this impacts all of us.

This Delegation’s objective is to highlight these injustices and further broaden and grow the movement for human and migrant rights. We will gather stories and information from those in the ground, to better educate our selves to press our presidential candidates for a just immigration reform, for all, those who have been part of our communities for years and those who are at our gates, fleeing government policies backed by the U.S. government.

To be part of this effort please support this publication by sending your story, your photos/graphics, and of course by sending a financial donation.

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