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Germany: The politics of human migration

Moshda Ebrahimi  |  Issue: January 2020

In 2015 with the help of Angela Merkel, Germany´s chancellor, millions of migrants and refugees from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East sought protection in Germany. Initially the German government, with the help of their citizens welcomed migrants and refugees with food, shelter and medical supplies.

Soon after, the German administration and authorities became overwhelmed with the refugees flooding the country by the hundreds of thousands, the (AFD) Alternative for Germany, a right-winged populous party who opposed Angela Merkel’s welcoming policy, grew stronger. As a conclusion thousands of refugees are being deported out of Germany.

Germany has a tremendous welcoming culture as well as a restored in-house economic society. The “welcome culture,” is a unifying social, cultural, and political key concept of civil society, which is in one strong commitment on volunteerism. On the other hand, it is a major space for right-wing populist and extremist groups and parties.

Also, by the increasingly negative reporting on the fleeing people who are reported to pose a threat to German society and order, many Germans want the refugees to go back to their home countries. In addition, there are increasing reports in the media about demonstrations against foreigners and arson in refugee shelters.

However, has one asked the question?  Where should all the people go?

They have been forced to flee their poverty and war-stricken homelands to seek refuge elsewhere. In “the old days” it was possible to just settle somewhere. Why are there so many limitations on migration nowadays?

Also, who gives us the right to turn away a fellow human being seeking refugee based on their ethnicity? We should ask ourselves: How would we feel if we had to leave our usual environment because of war, poverty or other catastrophes and no one wants to take us in, even though we did nothing wrong.

That’s exactly what is happening to the refugees in Germany and other parts of the world, and all of humanity is watching because at some point in the human history, boundaries between individuals have formed.

Here in America you can see these patterns. Again, it is strongly against immigrants. In Little Village, where I am currently working, I can well observe that many people who came here from Mexico receive little support.

And since Trump is the new president, the immigration law has become even more strict.  I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is deporting more and more immigrants to their home country just like the German government. Not only is this a disservice to refugees and migrants it is also a disservice to the humanity.

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