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Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila — Borderangels.org  |  Issue: May | June 2019

I am the one they told you about
The Bad Hombre ..
The Bad Man
They told you to hide
The riches, the children, the women
And on occasion
even zipper the dog.

They said I was sent by my Government
Loaded down with drugs
Loaded down with evil thoughts
Of murder, rape and uncontrolled violence
Yep .. ya probably saw me
I had on a straw hat or a baseball cap
My car and clothes were not new
Both worn out like my back and the rest of my body
Sometimes ya saw me bent over
Harvesting something that soon would be on your dinner table
Something fresh and beautiful for you
And your family

All of it
Brought to you by the Bad Hombre
Sometimes I was in the yard
With my weed blower
Or trimming your bushes

Putting poisons on your weeds
That burned my skin, eyes and throat
Sometimes I was washing your cars
Making them shine and smell good
Just for you…

I am the Bad Hombre
That had his family
Making your meals
Caring for your children
For your infants
Cleaning your house and almost everything
But nothing but a truth commission
Could clean your history
It’s too deep and too filled with hate
For anyone to sweep it under the rug
I am the Bad Hombre
Who is paid in cash
Under the table
While benefits are denied…

I am the Bad Hombre
Who struggles to live
A decent life
While others call us names
Tainted by racism and fear

Making me out to be a monster

That I am not

I am the Bad Hombre
Who somehow has become the foundation
Of your everything
I am the Bad Hombre
Not your nightmare
But a friend … an Amigo who
Wants to dream and live in a better world
Alongside of you and all the others

I want nothing more than a reasonable chance
To believe in the moon
And dance with the wind
To build a world of peace and love
For any every one
Under the sun

I’m the
Bad Hombre.

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