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Flint, Michigan: Five years after and the water issue is not over

Regina Pitts Shelton  |  Issue: May | June 2019

There is currently a health crisis in the city of Flint. Strokes, respiratory, stomach and liver illnesses, epilepsy, cancer and other major health issues have been experienced by many since 2014, but where’s the data?

How many people know of someone in Flint who has experienced a health issue since April 2014, when greedy [Gov. Rick] Snyder and his Emergency Manager decided to save $100 a day and not have corrosion control added to the water resulting in the poisoning of more than 100,000 people?

This number is actually higher as many of us who travel to Flint regularly were also poisoned. In fact, many people passing through Flint after April 2014 were poisoned, but officials won’t even bring attention to this subject.

It’s heartbreaking that Snyder, the man who poisoned more than 100,000 people, had all the water pods closed claiming the water is now safe to drink. Really? This is an environmental genocide. How many years will pass before the real truth is known?

Please know that the water issue in Flint is not over and people still need bottled water. Not many can afford to pick up and move to another city nor can they afford whole house filters. An individual filter on a kitchen or bathroom faucet only works for so long and will not filter out toxins unrelated to lead.

So, what can be done about it and who will lead? Certainly not politicians. The people of Flint must come together as one collective group if any changes are to be made.

Once that happens, results will follow.

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