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Op-ed by a contributor from the Rio Grande Valley

José Torres  |  Issue: February | March 2019

‘In January, when Trump came here, the majority of the people did not welcome him’.


I was born and raised in the “Valley of Tears” as we working people call this area. It has been plagued with poverty and illegal activities since the early 1900s and that is how many millionaires became rich – even U.S. presidents.

To us it is a way of life, but the real blame for it is the system (capitalism) because it is all about money at any expense.

While this area is being portrayed as an area full of bandits, etc., it is an area that provides billions of dollars in profits for the rich. And while it is richer than our neighbors further south in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc., it attracts workers from those countries who want to come here and further north in search of a better life away from low wages and persecution by their government which is supported by this government.

In our opinion, nothing is out of control here. We are not being raped, robbed or killed to the point of a national security crisis. We are OK because things are continuing as usual.

It is hysteria pushed by those who slowly want to implement fascism in this country and El Trumpus is the spearhead of this dangerous trend.

In January, when Trump came here, the majority of the people did not welcome him. It was only a few of his supporters who greeted him and gave him the right to continue to push his rhetoric that immigrants are what he viciously calls them.

We must not allow for a spokesman for the rich and a fascist to dictate to us what is good for this country.

Fascism was defeated before and we can do it again. We must stand up and speak out in the name of a true democracy.

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