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Love Knows No Borders: A moral call for migrant justice

Interview by Laura Garcia  |  Issue: February | March 2019
march to the border

Participants in the march to the border. ‘Love Knows No Borders’ of December 10, 2018.


Tribuno del Pueblo: Why is it important to be here in support of the migrants?

Janet: I believe in the mission of the poor people’s campaign. A call for moral revival is about reflecting on yourself and how you are thinking about others less fortunate than you. I want the government to know that detaining children from their parents and families is not the American way.

Jen: I’m an immigrant. I came from Japan. My mother came from Japan. My mother went through WWII in Japan. She saw much of the devastation. She was looking for a better life in this country and thankfully we were able to come here and make a better life.

Silvia: I believe in truth and justice. Where I see injustices, there I am. This is one of the causes where we have to be present and supporting. Human beings have the natural right to immigrate. Human beings immigrate in search of a better life. There should be no borders restricting them. There is one very important thing, if we base ourselves on the American Constitution: the right to “pursue our happiness.” The government must respect that.

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