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“Make Weslaco drain again”

Israel Coronado  |  Issue: November | December 2018

WESLACO, TX – June 20, 2018 changed the lives of many people in Weslaco, especially mine.

The flood caused devastation to those who are the most vulnerable in our society, the elderly, disabled and the many families that live paycheck to paycheck. This flood exposed the many problems in our community beyond drainage. The irony that a faulty drainage system would expose the faulty leadership is sadly comical.

The elected officials at all levels, from city to county, pushed for a narrative that pointed the finger of blame at everything except the cause. They blamed God, mother nature, too much rain and illegal dumping.

The problem was that I began a process that turned viral. Who would have thought that drainage ditches would become the talk of the town? A few months into this and the term “Ditch Walker” or “Drain Warrior” is synonymous with a political revolutionist in the Mid-Valley.

Many have joined the efforts in exposing dirty and poorly maintained drainage. I have been named “Mr. Anti- Corruption,” “Mr. Drain the Swamp” and even been compared to Danny Trejo’s famous character Machete.

The light that the webpage Make Weslaco Drain Again brought to the faulty drainage did not allow the elected officials to lie to the citizens with narratives any longer. The truth was exposed.

Many have asked me if I will run for elected office. At the moment, my answer is that I am running after these elected officials so that they will start acting right by the citizens.

Israel Coronado is the founder of Make Weslaco Drain Again

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