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The moral side of the American workers

Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: June | July 2018

We have all seen the social face of fascism breaking into churches and schools and roaming through streets and rural roads in America.

Fascism. To the immigrant population, fascism has the face of the ICE and border patrol agents.

The ruling class is using its billionaire propaganda machine to foment a fascist culture that blames someone for the social and economic ills of the failing system of capitalism and, in this way, keeps the entire working class divided and fighting itself and not their real enemy.

Trump and his ruling class is scapegoating the undocumented immigrant as a key way to foment a fascist culture in the United States. Scapegoating is a tactic of fascism and is used by both Democrats and Republicans when it best serves their interests.

A fascist culture serves those in power. You blame the outsider, the different, and the new for the problems of society. By scapegoating a sector of the class, i.e., dehumanizing them and separating them from others, one can develop a false sense of “us” and “them.”

The “us” are the workers who are cultivated to believe that they are a family together with the rich and the owners of the corporations. Then, they begin to march by the beat of the war drum and the war cries of “Build the Wall!” and “Immigrants are criminals.”

Once this behavior accepted by people, it is easy for our rulers to use them to physically and politically attack the “them” group.

This is the sad reality of the 21st century in America. It flows from the ugly side of American history. Yet, there’s another reality, another history of the workers of this country. The other side is the moral one. This is the side that fought and died to end slavery.

There are new voices emerging today through the smoke and mirrors, and it is happening in every part of America. These voices are making a new narrative, a narrative that says that immigrants are human beings with rights. A narrative that says America is for all of us. And if the government is not going to protect immigrant rights, there are people who will.

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