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Texas primaries: ‘They’re all the same’

José Torres and Manuel Torres  |  Issue: April | May 2018
DACA supporters

This is one of the many protests that took place throughout the country before March 5 with the purpose of renewing DACA.


The Democrats all over Texas came out not in waves or bandwagons, just like any other primary election in Texas. Ever since Reconstruction minorities all over the south, Texas included, have been left out of the voting process either by fear or the poll tax.

Nowadays, it’s no ID. No vote! That’s why Texas has one of the lowest voter turnouts. It ranks 49th just behind Hawaii.

The Texas Democratic Party had total of 36 Democrats candidates trying to regain control of congress (house) trying to flip seats held by the GOP and trying to turn Texas blue. On Election Day there was the enthusiasm of the “blue wave,” but as the votes were tallied, it was not even a “purple eye” the Republicans came out 804.581 compared to the Democrats 565.355, and in November the numbers are higher for the Republicans.


Rally to save DACA

Rally to save DACA in Racine, Wisconsin.


What happened in the Democratic primary shows how divided the Democratic party is in Texas. It started with the 2016 election when the forces of Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution were pitted against the Clinton loyalists, in some of the most important districts, the 7th district in Houston between Laura Moser (Our Revolution) and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (Clinton). Now both are in a runoff in May 2018.

Another runoff is between Beto O’Rourke who spent $4.2 million but still lost 103 of the state’s 254 counties to Sema Hernández who spent nothing just nada, zero, and still got 24 percent of the Texas vote with only a Facebook page.

The Senate race was between Beto O’Rourke and Sema Hernández and Edward Kimbrough. Beto won. He will face Ted Cruz.


Eva Chavez

Temporary victory! Eva Chavez allowed to stay, receives future ICE check-in date. Eva, longtime border community leader, immigrant rights and reproductive justice advocate was detained by ICE on February 14th.


Beto is up against Senator Ted Cruz in November 2018.

These politicians do anything to win here in south Texas. It’s common practice to buy your vote for $5, $10, $20 or for a plate of food, beer – even cocaine!

With all this corruption the people who are out and with no ties to the system don’t care. These so-called leaders of the poor didn’t even raise issues that are so important to the workers, such as SB-4, the “Show me your papers” and anti-sanctuary law. So, we refuse to vote for anyone. The sentiment of the workers is that “they are all the same.”

They only care for their own interests and not for us poor folks.

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  1. Is there a Green Party anywhere in Texas? Program of Green Party is Amnesty for immigrants.

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