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Do the workers have leadership?

Baltazar Ávila  |  Issue: July 2017

It is well known by economists and specialists in the field that capitalism has entered a final phase. Its markets have been exhausted. Its raw materials have been exhausted. Its countries have revolted.

The mass production of goods no longer finds enough buyers. Poverty grows while wealth becomes increasingly concentrated. Today, only eight mega-millionaires have the same wealth as the half of the world’s poorest populations.

The alternative is war. Invasion and extermination are the only options for a dying capitalism. These are a palliative medicine to its illness.

Facing this grave panorama, do workers in the United States have an alternative? Are they prepared to successfully tackle the debacle of the system? Is there a leadership, a labor party that is highly trained in theory and in practical struggle to lead the oppressed on the right path? Or, on the contrary, are the oppressed in the United States fighting without leadership?

The task of the most conscious, of those who are committed to the noble cause of helping the common people, is to understand first that without a workers’ party the workers cannot have leadership.

Secondly, the task is to form the vanguard of the proletariat, and that this vanguard must be guided by scientific theory, a theory of the liberation of the oppressed. As a revolutionary of the beginning of the last century said: “Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.”

Let’s construct this unity of the workers. This unity is built by fighting, but without falling into overt adventurism. One has to be very careful to remain within the law. The task now is to organize and educate; to organize the disorganized and to educate them, to make them aware. To ensure we understand our role in history today.

Workers have to fully understand that we are the ones who produce social wealth but who do not enjoy it because the wealth is appropriated by the few. They have to understand that it is time to force the system to distribute the immense wealth produced by the workers in a fairer way.

This will be achieved by gaining power, by changing the social class in power. The first step is for us to build our own party. Otherwise, when the irreparable bankruptcy of capitalism happens, the exploited will have no leadership. They will not know what to do.

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