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California on its way to becoming a sanctuary state

Gloria M. Sandoval  |  Issue: May | June 2017
No human being is illegal

“The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren (brothers and sisters) and to do good is my religion.”
Thomas Paine an immigrant revolutionary
PHOTO: Erick McGregor


Californians against the makers of the deportation machine

The majority of Californians support the undocumented population and are working double-time to ensure that cities, schools, universities, churches, etc. pass sanctuary resolutions or safe-haven and pledges of non-cooperation with ICE. Know Your Rights campaigns are being held in many places to review the legal options of individuals and families.

Family plans in case of an emergency are being recommended to ensure that children especially are cared for in the event of deportation of one or both parents.

English-language forms can be downloaded at:


Spanish-language forms can be obtained at:


ICE has been authorized to remove any undocumented immigrant who has had any contact with law enforcement, even for minor reasons.

The California Values Act (Senate Bill 54) was introduced by State Senator Kevin de León in December 2016 to counter President Trump’s threats.

SB 54 reads: “The purpose of this bill is to protect the safety and well-being of all Californians by ensuring that state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations, separate families, and ultimately hurt California’s economy.”

It has been described as a proposed law that would provide California with sanctuary status.

Is this another way to hand immigrants over to get deported? Public opinion shows that there is concern with the threat that Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions would actually cut off federal funds from the state if there was a refusal to cooperate with ICE.

What’s interesting is that Trump’s budget proposal cuts funds from many safety-net social programs unrelated to immigration (food stamps, Meals on Wheels, affordable housing) for the entire country, not just California.

The numerous community groups that provided letters of support were in agreement with the original version, not the amended version.

President Trump has publicly announced that only felons and people involved in serious crimes would be targeted. In fact, people are being picked up for minor crimes or no crime at all.

Truth is, a lot of money is being made by corporations involved with the deportation machine. At the same time, fear is beginning to paralyze immigrant communities having trouble knowing what to believe.

Deportations did not begin with Trump’s administration. Immigrants have been scapegoated throughout our nation’s history.

The vast majority of undocumented members of our community are not criminals and we should not allow them to be treated as such. We should not allow our elected officials to convince us that undocumented immigrants are criminals.

We need sincere efforts to support all of our immigrants, not compromise their liberties because they are “bad hombres,” as Trump calls them.


SB 54 passed by the State Senate

by Tribuno Del Pueblo

SB 54, the California Values Act passed the State Senate on April 3 by a party line vote of 27 to 12 in this state controlled largely by the Democratic Party. It will now go to the State Assembly, where after a simple majority vote, it would be sent to the governor for his signature.  Implementation date would be January 1 2018.

Amendments/changes were made since it was first introduced in December 2016. These were motivated by the Trump’s administration threat to withhold federal funds for barring cooperation between local law enforcement with ICE.

The amendments permit cooperation with ICE in the case of violent or serious crimes.  As SB 54 now stands, ICE will be notified up to 60 days before the release of an undocumented immigrant from prisons or county jails that have committed violent or serious crimes.

Nearly a quarter of the U.S. population of undocumented immigrants resides in California.  Estimates range from 2.35 to 2.6 million per the Public Policy Institute of California.

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  1. Jim Fite says:

    Very true, ICE threatens us all. Defend our brothers and sisters from all over the world. Our solutions for a better life require we all work together to make a world where wealth is distributed based on need.

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