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The collusion among the IRS, Obamacare and national security

Irma Garcia, Jose Garcia, Workers United  |  Issue: March 2017

CHICAGO, IL – Beginning with the administration of President George W. Bush, the immigrant community has been under attack. The fall of the twin towers and the economic crisis that followed paved the way for large number of raids and the implementation of the Secure Communities Program (cooperation between ICE and local police departments).

This was only the beginning of a wave of attacks, such as the “silent raids” (I-9-Audits), e-Verify, “no match” letters by the Social Security Administration, and now IRS notifications to employers of possible incorrect Social Security Numbers.

The IRS notifications were first generated in 2016, when employers submitted employee information to the IRS to prove they were offering health insurance to their employees, as required under Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.

Now, what else can we expect from this new administration? This administration does not have any sympathy for the immigrant community. During his anti-immigrant presidential campaign, the Republican candidate promised to continue to implement laws more rigorously.

This is clearly shown by the new administration’s attack on sanctuary cities, clearing a path for expanding the Secure Communities Program. Many employers, due to fear, are starting to implement and use the e-Verify program with their employees and soon, little by little, employment opportunities for immigrants will disappear.

Currently, the IRS and ICE, among the other government agencies, do not share information. The 2016 IRS notifications to employers of possible incorrect Social Security numbers, caused problems and generated fear among workers.

This new administration may require sharing of information among all government agencies and all of us will become targets. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable will be the most affected: the immigrant workers and our communities as they continue to suffer and plunge into poverty.

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  1. Erendira Guerra says:

    Actually, the attacks against immigrants did not begin with Bush, they began with Bill Clinton. First by signing nAFTA which would cause great suffering and havoc in mexico and secondly he signed into law the most repressive immigration laws ever!

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