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Mega marches return

Gloria M. Sandoval  |  Issue: March 2017
Marching for a new world

Marching for a new world
From the editors
The American people are up in arms. They have been demonstrating and marching in the streets since Donald J. Trump became president by winning the electoral vote — but not the popular vote.
More than five million people protested on January 20, Trump’s inauguration day, and on the 21st for the Women’s March held in Washington and in more than 500 cities worldwide.
Women, men and children filled the streets under the umbrella of women’s, immigrant and refugee rights. They were for health care and quality education. They were against police brutality and the poisoning of our cities. They let their voices be heard loud and clear: Democracy for ALL will not be trampled over! In the United States, a new anti-fascist movement is developing in which hate has no home.
The system based on buying and selling of our labor power is dying. Such a system cannot be defended, especially when eight people – yes, eight! – own as much wealth as half of the world’s population! This is criminal!
We are not in a fight to reform a dying system that is leaving us all to die. We are in a fight to get the political power to build a whole new America and, yes, the world.
PHOTOS: Karel Riley, Adrian C. Garcia, Sarah Menefee, Ted Quant and Brett Jelinik.


From his annoying tweeting to executive orders, President Trump is adjusting to just how much power he can have over the country in converting it toward a fascist state.

His first order of business on January 20th, inauguration day, was to sign an executive order dealing with the Affordable Care Act, the so-called Obamacare, pending its expected repeal by the legislature. As an unexpected response, even his own supporters are saying:  “No repeal until we have another better health plan in place.”

He continued presenting other executive orders involving environmental laws, putting a freeze on federal hiring except for Homeland Security positions, public safety in the interior of the U.S., border security, and immigration enforcement including first steps towards realizing his promised “wall” that Mexico would pay for.

The Women’s March in Washington on January 21st along with hundreds of other state and local actions have been the largest inauguration demonstrations in history. These protests were held all over the world! It wasn’t only women who participated, but a coalition of civil-rights and multi-issue protectors that voiced their concerns and objections to Trump and his fascistic style of getting things done.

More and more people have started to get serious about Trump’s impulsive actions, and it has resulted in different forms of resistance.

His executive order on the Muslim ban resulted in huge protests at the airports of various cities.  U.S. citizens and people following the correct procedures as outlined in the laws were caught in this knee-jerk presidential policy to “keep terrorists from entering”.

These executive orders are being challenged in court and, in the meantime, the cabinet nominations of his multi-millionaire and billionaire cronies are getting opposed and questioned for their ties to corporations and bankers.

Democrats are staying quiet on some of these nominees and changes because they have ties to their corporate bosses and not the people. Must ask: Which side are you on Mr. or Ms. Politician?

No doubt Trump has already caused some harm and damage after just two weeks in office. He wants to make sure that carrying out his campaign promises show him as being a man of his word to his base of supporters. On the other hand, he is only the messenger of the bigger private property protectors that are continuing to control us and take all for themselves.  But he has already become one of the most disliked presidents of the United States, if not the most disliked.

We must resist and protect families from being separated — no racial profiling, no fascist rules!   Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!

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  1. Francisco Reyes says:

    Anne coulter

    Hate is a multi-billion dollar business, it comes to fruition through many forms, but in the end the message is the same, which is that the wealthy need to increase its advantageous position and the gap between it and the middle and lower classes should only continue to grow. This is how the top 2% of the U S population is able to control the rest of the population, and this administration is the best example of that. The top 2% convince enough of the remaining 98% that if the very rich make more money, by cutting heath care, rolling back regulation so that they can contaminate the water, air, and food supply, along with cutting other programs that benefit the middle class and poor, then somehow everyone will be better off. The practice of the rich manipulating the poor and middle class to sacrifice their own well being to benefit the rich, because they’re told somehow it will come back to also benefit themselves, is nothing new, it still doesn’t deliver the desired results for the sacrificing groups, and the lying propaganda continues to this day.

    As hundreds of multi-colored faces started to demand answers from the Republican representative of the Central valley in California, Jin DeMartini and the Republicans immediately knew that this could not be good for the top 2%. The valley started to run low on hate, the valley needed more fuel for its hateful intentions, lots of it. Fortunately for them they have found that fuel that will give them another boost through Anne Coulter. Anne Coulter has never been a leader, never has inspired a cause that benefits humanity. She made her fortune by inspiring hate, hate for anybody that looks different from you (her?)* even if that person is struggling through hard times just like you are, and she is coming to the valley to supply that boost of hate, because that is the only way they can remain in control, Donald Trump is only the puppet at the moment.

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