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Free Ramsey Muñiz:

Tribuno Del Pueblo  |  Issue: December | January 2017

There are certain myths about the United States that need to be exploded. One such myth says that there are no political prisoners in this country. The fascist dictator Benito Mussolini once said that if a lie is repeated often enough it will soon be accepted as a truth.

The United States claims there is political freedom in this country. But this claim is contradicted again and again when agents of power like the FBI and the CIA begin to monitor leaders and movements that challenge the established social/political order.

When leaders of a movement, whether it be the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King or the Chicano/a Movement with Ramsey Muñiz, who carried the banner of La Raza Unida Party, come under the radar of the government, it’s but a short time before the agents of power create conditions that land the leaders either in jail or in prison. Some of us think this is what happened to Muñiz.

A conspiracy against Muñiz was planned in Houston by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with the aid of Dallas agents who monitored Muñiz as he was in Dallas meeting with indigent families. These meetings included people who wanted him to help them find quality lawyers to represent them.

In 1994, as he was moving a car that was not his, and as a favor to a friend, from a parking lot to a nearby hotel, Muñiz was stopped by the DEA. They found 40 pounds of cocaine in the trunk. They failed to prove where it came from or its point of origin and destiny. No money was found and the main characters in the conspiracy were not allowed to testify.

The U.S. judicial system has its flaws, as acknowledged by former Supreme Court justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Harry Blackmun. The Houston Chronicle on October 5, 2011 reported that law-abiding citizens have been deceived or tricked into transporting drugs without knowing it. Ramsey was sentenced to life in imprisonment. After 22 years of suffering and pain, we ask that President Obama grant him release under the administration’s Compassionate Release Program.

Anyone interested in joining the Campaign to Free Ramsey Muñiz, please contact me at the following e-mail address: TOLTEC1798@HOTMAIL.COM

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