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Unpopular Proposition 1 is on ballot again in Hidalgo County, Texas

Manuel Torres  |  Issue: September | October 2016

We are living under hard times. The Rio Grande Valley is one of the poorest regions in the whole country.  But we pay one of the highest tax rates in Texas. Two years ago, in 2014, state Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, with a PAC set up by the Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas, introduced legislation called Proposition 1. It called for a hospital health district in the valley. The legislation also would have set up a medical school funded by the state and the University of Texas at Austin.

The PAC had the blessing of our Hidalgo County commissioners. Thousands of dollars were invested in the hope that the hospital district would pass. To their surprise, county voters defeated the proposition because different kinds of groups and individuals came together to ensure that their voices were heard.

Unfortunately, the same people who were pushing for the hospital district are back in 2016 insisting that they get what they want, not respecting the will of the majority.

This time, these so-called leaders have enlisted the help of the rector of the San Juan Catholic Church and community-based organizations such as La Union del Pueblo Entero (L.U.P.E.) and veterans’ organizations, along with the business community, in an effort to convince the voters of Hidalgo County to approve the hospital district.

(Veterans were promised their own hospital. Now they want to give them second-hand medical services from inexperienced new doctors)

Why are people opposing Proposition 1? While the tax rate has been lowered, the fact is that our taxes will be raised and the whole content of the proposition is not being explained. A Hidalgo County judge says that the commissioner’s court has not raised our taxes in 14 years. The truth is that the appraisal district reappraises our properties and raises our taxes yearly.

We are taxpayers who are on fixed incomes; we are retired disabled people working two jobs in order to survive. If we have insurance, our co-pay is too high. Workers’ properties are daily being auctioned on the county’s doorstep because their homes have been seized due to their being unable to pay the taxes on their properties.

We the people of Hidalgo County cannot afford a single penny of additional taxes. Some of us have gone to war for this country. Some of us have worked all our lives to get the little that we have. What we need is medical health care be nationalized. The government has the responsibility to ensure that its people have medical treatment at government cost.

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  1. R. Siegel says:

    Thank you for this article exposing just a few of the problems with the creation of Hidalgo County Hospital District as a Proposition 1 item for voters.

    You did not discuss who and how much our state and local politicos were paid by the PAC’s to push this on voters. Also, we are being lied to since the Medical School is already paid for by the UT System. More serious is the fine print that gives the hospital district unrestricted power to raise rates, pick healthcare winners and losers, pay salaries to bureaucrats, fund non-citizen healthcare, etc. The district is not needed since the county already has indigent healthcare services paid with tax dollars. By the way, the hospital district can file a tax claim against your property and put ownership in jeopardy. We need to think of the poor people in Willacy County(Raymondville) as they truly need a hospital district tax to support a hospital since theirs closed long ago.

    Send a clear message to Chuy Hinajosa. Tell him to earn his own money and vote Hell No to the taxing hospital district!

    R. Siegel

    • Grace says:

      I agree. The reason the RGV has the poorest group of people is because businesses don’t want to pay a modest wage for fair labor. Yet, retail and other businesses continue to prosper. The economy here is not hurting at all. So, why do we need to support a Hospital District, which is rolling in the millions? I can barely pay my taxes, and you want my property tax to increase…I don’t think so!

  2. Felix Negron says:

    Great Article. County appraisal District love to raise property Tax!

  3. Marquez says:

    How many times can a propsition be brought up for voting? Wben does it become illegal or is it illegal.

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