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The Forces behind the 2016 Presidential Elections

from the Editors  |  Issue: May | June 2016

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There is a revolution going on not only in the United States, but all over the world.  The revolution and changes in the economy are influencing the capitalists and their politics in the United States and abroad.

We are seeing changes that we have never witnessed before:  increase of extremely wealthy, corporate individuals while at the same time, increasing levels of poverty, unemployment and homelessness.  Cities and now Puerto Rico are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Republican and Democratic candidates are at odds within each political party and with each other about what they stand for and are promising many things.  The people, especially the young new voters are attracted to Bernie since he’s criticizing Wall Street and the super rich.  He has tapped into the sentiments of what the people need:  free higher education, healthcare for all, fair immigration reform, and for the wealthy to pay their fair share.  Now that Bernie has captured the interest, can he deliver?   Will he be the nominee for the Presidential race in November 2016?

Hillary is appealing to some women voters and African Americans but especially those faithful Democrats that blindly vote for the party rather than the program that candidates are presenting.  Her allegiance to the Wall Street, corporate interests is just barely surfacing but she is also appealing to the interests of issues such as the poisoned water in Flint, Michigan.  Having been a president’s wife is not exactly helping her.  What is she promising to do?  Can she be trusted to make these changes?  Did President Obama deliver the changes that he promised?  Let’s face it, it is not the candidate or the political party but the program of the working people and its demands that need to be the focus.  We have seen that whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat that gets elected, the millionaire/billionaire class is the one who calls the shots and runs the country.  This time it’s different and there is momentum to make real changes that people need with their involvement and actions.

It is unfortunate that the Republican candidates, especially The Donald, have unleashed a sort of anger with his populism and “fearless” but hateful rhetoric against women, Muslims, immigrants and wild, dangerous solutions.  He appears to only believe in power and force, mouthing disrespect, impulsive and rude responses.  He is attracting and appealing to people who are angry at government and the politicians for abandoning the people and their needs:  living wage jobs, affordable education and healthcare, and more.  This mix is presenting a dangerous drive toward fascism right before our eyes.  The Donald is pointing his finger and blaming one group of people against another group of people—resulting in losing the focus on what is needed.  Ted Cruz is not much of a difference in his solutions while using faith as his vehicle to reach the people’s support.

The changes in the economy are the result of the use of new technology and robotics.  Jobs as we have known them are being automated and they are not coming back.  Automation is now producing abundance.  Our society is being transformed.   This is not a time to sit it out.  Too much is at stake.  We must take action and demand that our government work for the people and not the billionaires.

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